Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Shares Adorable Photo of His Daughter on Set During Filming


The version of Clint Barton in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been established as a family man over the years, preferring to spend time with his wife and children on a remote farm instead of living at the beach or in the city like some other Avengers. The man who plays the MCU’s Hawkeye shares some of those sentiments. Jeremy Renner has never shied away from talking about his family in interviews or on social media, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he brings his kids along to the set when there’s an opportunity to spend the day together.

On Thursday, Renner took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo from an episode of Hawkeye that was filmed last year. The picture shows his daughter sitting in a chair on set, watching her dad work on the screen in front of her. Check it out!

“Looking back to a year ago on set,” Renner wrote in the post, “with family and work family.”

The new Hawkeye series is about both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, but it represents the first time Renner’s Barton has taken on a leading role in any MCU title. After a decade in the shadows of other heroes, Marvel made it a priority to get Renner and his character into the spotlight.

“All of these roles have been fairly small. And then Ultron, we got a little more. And then he just starts stealing all of these scenes. But it was always the intention to explore much more,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said during the Hawkeye press conference. “The character’s history is vast. And also, the Matt Fraction comics, which I am sure people have been spending a lot of time talking about, was a big tonal inspiration for us. And seeing that and this new dynamic.”


“There are moments within all of Jeremy’s appearances where you see this mentor under the surface,” Feige continued. “This reluctant hero, this reluctant mentor under the surface. One of my favorite scenes in all of our films is the scene with Clint and Wanda in Sokovia. Where he basically says, ‘When you go out that door, you’re an Avenger.’ And motivates her to join the fight. And that was the kernel of how we could connect our MCU incarnation of Clint Barton into the Matt Fraction storyline in relationship with Kate Bishop.”

Have you been enjoying Hawkeye so far? Any theories about the episodes still to come? Let us know in the comments!

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