Hawkeye Just Debuted and the Fans Already Want to See Kingpin


Hawkeye has barely started, and fans are already looking to the future. With rumors of the inclusion of Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk found around every corner online, fans watching the show can’t help but think just how the character will be involved should he eventually show up. As we explained earlier, a character introduced at the tail-end of the two-part premiere has a direct relationship with the iconic Marvel villain, and the show’s plot itself is perfect for the introduction of a character like Kingpin.

Regardless, Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran wouldn’t confirm one way or another when we asked her about the rumors earlier this month.

“Well, Maya Lopez is cool, like I said, she’s such a badass in the comics and we wanted to make sure that that was, you know, portrayed as well,” Tran tells ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis. “I can’t go into details in terms of like how she’s integrated into, you know, the story. I don’t wanna spoil anything, Brandon.”

Enough people are talking about the character’s eventual rumored arrival, he’s already trending on social media. Keep scrolling to see what Hawkeye fans are saying.

Saving the Holidays

#Hawkeye (2021):

Christmas in NY
More Clint Barton
Natasha Romanoff reference
Debut of Kate Bishop
Debut of Echo
Debut of Lucky
Debut of Bishop Fam
Debut of Swordsman
Debut of KingPin in the MCU
Return of Yelena
Return of Laura Barton
Rogers: The Musicalpic.twitter.com/745SRG03Fz

— Hawkeye News & Updates (@Hawkeye_Updates) November 21, 2021


On the Way, Bro

Hawkeye’s pretty solid so far. Can’t wait to see more of Kate Bishop. Kingpin on the way, bro. pic.twitter.com/vw0mKH6N81

— Mr. Hub (@MisterHubComics) November 24, 2021



We love to see it ?#SaveDaredevil #WilsonFisk #Kingpin https://t.co/OH0zh9ClrC

— We Are #SaveDaredevil (@RenewDaredevil) November 24, 2021


Different Reasons

You watch Hawkey because it’s Marvel.
I watch it because of Kingpin
We are not the same. pic.twitter.com/exBWomA1ci

— ?Schmittyyy? (@TheSchmittyyy) November 24, 2021


No Doubt About It

oh yeah kingpin is definitely gonna show up sometime in the #HawkeyeSeries pic.twitter.com/TJUm89h6Xw

— Comfort for Marvel TV stans (@MarvelTVcomfort) November 24, 2021



==== THEORY =====

I think this might be my huge stretch but what if Fisk was the one who is funding Val to form THUNDERBOLTS in MCU using Ross and also sent Val to hire Yelena to murder Clint Barton using her sister’s death for her revenge. #Kingpin #Hawkeye #Marvel ?? pic.twitter.com/yYr4xRuBrE

— EMPEROR BOSS (@GodEmperorBoss) November 16, 2021



Get ready to see this version of Kingpin pic.twitter.com/5mu0KVONnT

— RPK (@RPK_NEWS1) November 24, 2021


The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.


What other characters do you hope to see pop up in Hawkeye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things MCU!

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