Hawkeye Fans Think Laura Barton Could Be MCU’s Mockingbird


In the lead-up to Wednesday’s new episode of Hawkeye, Marvel fans couldn’t stop talking about the on-screen return of Yelena Belova, a moment that we already knew was coming thanks to Black Widow and a recent teaser. However, Yelena’s attack on Clint has been a bit overshadowed by a new fan theory that was born out of this episode. There is more to Laura Barton than the MCU previously established, and there’s a good chance she might be another popular Marvel character in disguise.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Hawkeye! Continue reading at your own risk…

In Wednesday’s new Hawkeye, we learn that Laura actually has some experience helping Clint on missions, showing off an ability to track information and change languages from sentence to sentence. Clint also mentions that the watch in Maya’s possession belonged to someone close to him, and it has information that could put that person in danger. That watch was found next to information about Clint’s family. When you put all of that together, it makes a compelling case that Laura is actually the MCU’s Mockingbird.

In the comics, Bobbi Morse was a SHIELD agent known as Mockingbird, and she’s married to Clint for quite a while. Between the Bartons’ marriage and Laura’s sudden ability to assist her Avenger husband on an important case, a ton of Marvel fans are believing that Mockingbird has been in the MCU all along.


#hawkeye spoiler

‘laura barton being the mockingbird’ theory makes a lot of sense because…how come she’s knowing the things clint ask? suspicious.

— maria is unwell (@natashasfanny) December 8, 2021



Bruh i just saw a theory that Laura Barton could be Mockingbird. ???? It’s so random if that happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised since MCU always change stuff from comics. #Hawkeye

— Nero (@MSpector_JM) December 8, 2021


Did Tony Call it?

possible #Hawkeye spoilers
theory: laura is an ex-agent and the rolex watch is hers, maya found out the fam’s names-it would give away laura’s identity as mockingbird?? this reminds me of the aou scene w/ tony pic.twitter.com/9Em1KA5XUq

— gem ? (@endgamebarnes) December 8, 2021


Best Is Yet to Come

laura was mockingbird reveal is when she saves clint’s ass in the last ep

— amier ! | hawkeye spoilers (@ANTHAWK) December 8, 2021


The Rolex?

Umm is @lindacardellini a retired Mockingbird and we never knew??? Is the Rolex her’s #Hawkeye #HawkeyeSeries pic.twitter.com/AeTNMxrULY

— Oze (@OzeRamo) December 8, 2021


Original Partner

#Hawkeyes maybe spoilers?

Friendly reminder that Hawkeye is traditionally married to Mockingbird in the comics, so Laura’s SHIELD savvy and acute knowledge of things going on might mean the Rolex is linked to her being Mockingbird for SHIELD and Hawkeye’s original partner.

— LaserSquid Studios (BUSY WITH GRAD SCHOOL) (@LasersquidS) December 8, 2021


More Than Meets the Eye

I don’t think Laura Barton is Mockingbird but there’s definitely more to her character than just being Clint’s wife and you know what? I’m all up for more Linda Cardellini in the MCU.

— rio ? (@jungwenwin) December 8, 2021


Just a Title

when mockingbird is just a title the same way black widow is pic.twitter.com/lbDYrcLixN

— daisy / annie ? (@TEENAGEWEBHEADD) December 8, 2021


Says Who

eleanor as madame masque laura as mockingbird kingpin appearance who said hawkeye isn’t the best disney+ show pic.twitter.com/JsdzST2MW1

— maria | hawkeye spoilers (@julietsburke) December 8, 2021


Linda Deserves it All

I will support the Laura Barton is Mockingbird theory but only because I think Linda Cardellini deserves it

— Calem?? (@ItsCalJordan) December 8, 2021


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