Hawkeye Fans Are Wondering When Yelena Will Appear


Hawkeye episode 3 was an absolute hoot, but there was a distinct lack of Black Widow’s Yelena Belova this week. The Black Widow post-credits tease said that fans could look forward to Natasha Romanoff’s sister meet up with Clint to settle some things. (A villain basically blamed him for the Widow’s death in Avengers: Endgame.) However, three episodes in and the spy have been curiously absent. However, some plot threads are already starting to unite the different players in this story. Hawkeye told Echo that Black Widow killed Ronin and Yelena might fall into the crosshairs right there. Whatever happens from here on out, you can bet that it will be kind of messy for everyone involved. Clint Barton wants to get home to his family, Kate Bishop wants to clear her name, and these two lethal ladies are trying to do away with Hawkeye whether they know it or not.

Director Rhys Thomas spoke about the dangling threat of the Black Widow with GamesRadar earlier this year.

When it’s another week and I haven’t seen kingpin or yelena #hawkeye pic.twitter.com/oL3x3MblQK

— Maria? (@mariadempseyy) December 1, 2021

“I can’t speak to that,” he gestured towards the post-credits scene. “But yes, we know their past, and obviously what happened in Endgame. We know in these first two episodes that Clint’s dealing with the fallout of that. But in terms of how they meet, I can’t – I’ll just pretend I don’t know. Imagine it’s a happy meeting, where they talk over coffee and work things out.”

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Not even kidding

when yelena and kate finally meet #hawkeye pic.twitter.com/nqOpZ1ywgt

— andre (@beIovafilm) December 1, 2021


Things are not going great

Not me thinking Yelena was going to be in episode 3 of Hawkeye pic.twitter.com/YAOEzvbKPI

— Hawkeye era ? (@Dorkybanner) December 1, 2021


Light the candles

manifesting yelena appearance in episode 4 #Hawkeye ???? pic.twitter.com/GglTmeEMGV

— hope ??? 24 DAYS (@slexiecryer) December 1, 2021



#HAWKEYE episode 3 spoilers!!!

we didn’t get yelena this episode?? pic.twitter.com/fpOlLojqxu

— jessie?? ? HAWKEYE SPOILERS (@1978MAXIMOFF) December 1, 2021


Oh no!

WAIT I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING.. in bw val shows a picture of clint to yelena BUT he’s in his ronin suit. so what if yelena sees ronin on the news and doesn’t know that it was kate and SO she ends up coming for kate and clint tries to save kate and that’s how they all meet

— k? (@flossiepughs) December 1, 2021


Going to be an emotional time

#hawkeye SPOILERS
they keep reminding us that Nat is dead and it won’t stop until the show is over cause Yelena is also coming pic.twitter.com/nVIpJJo8AT

— N ? (@bettergiaw) December 1, 2021


Bask in it

obsessed with these close up face shots of yelena and kate bishop pic.twitter.com/max621J6Yi

— valeria HAWKEYE ERA (@kateofbish) December 1, 2021


No one is

i’m not ready for the chaotic energy of yelena and kate together #Hawkeye pic.twitter.com/B6lVOdX7mi

— o ana o hawkeye spoilers (@cptainlarson) December 1, 2021


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