Halo Infinite Adds Microsoft’s Legendary Icon, Clippy


There are few brand icons as recognizable as Microsoft‘s Clippy and although he has long since passed on, 343 Industries has found a way to resurrect him within Halo Infinite. For those who never encountered Clippy, he was an animated paper clip with googly eyes that would appear on computers with Windows and Microsoft Office. He would largely pop up to help people with their writing and other tasks, but he quickly drew criticism for being exceptionally annoying. His frequent desire to be helpful led to backlash, eventually resulting in Microsoft removing the character with Office 2007. Despite the negative reception, many have since missed his presence and Microsoft has found ways to implement him in other places.

The latest iteration of Clippy can be found in Halo Infinite thanks to the new season 2 update. On Twitter, James Shields, Senior Product Manager at Xbox, pointed out Clippy’s inclusion in the massive Xbox exclusive. Clippy is available as both a new nameplate and a weapon’s charm, so he will always dangle off of your gun. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like he will chirp at you to tell you how you can perform better or compliment you on your skills. Nonetheless, it’s a fun implementation and serves as a silly tribute to Microsoft’s history. Clippy is modeled perfectly with his paperclip body, bulging eyes, and strange, sentient, floating eyebrows. Whether or not Clippy will return as one of the AIs in the game remains to be seen, but it would be a welcomed inclusion.


? pic.twitter.com/t8s4J0bu3L

— James Shields (@shieldsjames) May 3, 2022

Halo Infinite’s second season has surprised many fans with its scale. The game launched with a lot of problems and didn’t see a lot of meaningful post-launch content in it its first season. Not only has this season kicked off with a bang, but it’s expected to bring even more major additions. Later this summer, Halo Infinite will finally receive its co-op campaign, a feature that’s typically a staple for the franchise at launch.

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