Freddie Prinze Jr. Reveals Bizarre Rule Vince McMahon Has for His Private Jet

Freddie Prinze Jr. shed some more light on his time working with WWE on this week’s Wrestling With Freddie, revealing an odd rule Vince McMahon has about his personal jet. Prinze recalled a time when Michael P.S. Hayes called him out of the blue and asked if he had taken a poop recently while traveling on the private plane, which is apparently something McMahon forbids. He explained, “Freebird calls me into his office, Michael Hayes. He says, ‘Freddie, I gotta ask you a question,’ and he looks concerned. I go ‘what’s up man?’ And he goes, ‘You didn’t, er, you didn’t take a poop on Vince’s plane did you?’ I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ He says, ‘there’s no poops on the plane.’ I said ‘of course, I didn’t, what are you talking about man, I didn’t even use the restroom.’

“He goes, ‘well someone did, and I have to find out who.’ He’s not laughing when he says it, he’s pissed off,” he recalled. “What kind of a job assignment is that? I’ve gotta find out who took a s– on my boss’s plane. The freakin best agent in the company who comes up with the greatest finishes, at least when I was there, the fans favorite finishes were either Freedbird’s or Triple H’s, and usually it was a combination of both and it wasn’t anyone else’s, and he’s having to find out who took a poop on the plane.”

McMahon’s germaphobic tendencies have recapped in numerous interviews with former employees over the years, most notably in how he hates it when anyone sneezes in his presence. Prinze also described another bizarre encounter with McMahon during the episode — “I remember once, I opened my laptop and I had downloaded one of Richard Pryor’s specials Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip, this was after his accident. He had been humbled big time. I opened it, I’m watching and about ten minutes in, and I feel this like firm thump on my shoulder. I turn around and Vince goes, ‘what are you doing?’ I go ‘what do you mean? I’m watching Richard Pryor.’ He goes, ‘Why? We’re watching WrestleMania.’ ‘Yeah, from last year man, I saw it.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, but you’ve seen that too.’ ‘Yeah, this makes me laugh.’ He goes, ‘Come on, come watch WrestleMania.’ So I legit have to turn off my laptop and watch WrestleMania from a year ago with Vince. Nobody else was watching it, he’s just making me watch it.”


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