Fortnite Players Think Spider-Man Tease Hints at a Miles Morales Skin

Is Miles Morales going to be the latest Spider-Man to come to Fortnite? That’s what some players seem to think following the latest apparent tease from Epic Games‘ Donald Mustard as well as supposed leaks from not long ago that suggested Miles might make an appearance. This all comes after the newest update dropped, too, which itself seems to have laid the groundwork for Miles to make an appearance should these theories come to fruition as players think they might.

Mustard occasionally drops hints and teasers about what’s coming to Fortnite via his own Twitter account, but not through traditional tweets. Instead, he occasionally updates his location, cover photo, and other parts of the profile. His location is currently “RESISTANCE,” for example, the name for the latest season, and his cover photo is now an image of Spider-Man.

Donald Mustard has updated his header image!

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) March 22, 2022

You can examine the webbing on the suit design and the shape of the Spider-Man emblem on its chest all day to try and figure out whether this is a tease for Miles Morales or some other Spider-Man variant, but those who’ve noticed the updated cover photo seem pretty sure that this means Miles is on the way. In replies to ShiinaBR’s tweet above, countless Fortnite players have come out to hedge their bets on this being a teaser for Miles. Outside of those replies, plenty of other people are guessing the same thing, too.

It’s not a bad guess by any means, but it’s not a sure thing either. Aside from the rumor from not long ago that suggested Miles would be added to the game as a player outfit, it’s also worth pointing out that Prowler was added to the game with this turn of the season as well. Players can’t get Prowler right now and will have to wait for a future update to release the skin’s challenges and therefore the skin itself, but considering Prowler’s connection to Miles in the Marvel universe, it’s reasonable to believe that the two would drop in the same season if Miles was going to be added at all.


Until we hear more from Epic Games about whether Miles will be added or not, we’ve only got teases, rumors, and datamines to go off of for now, so expect to see plenty more of those in the future.

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