Former WWE Superstar Shocks Everyone at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle

Tonight’s Ring of Honor Final Battle featured stars from all across wrestling, and before the event was over ROH had a few surprises up its sleeve. One of the more shocking moments was when former WWE superstar Adam Scherr (formerly Braun Strowman) came out and surprised the crowd and the talent in the ring. EC3 was in the ring and outnumbered, and then he picked up a microphone and said “Free Titan”. Then we saw Scherr make his way from the back to the ring with a Control Your Narrative shirt, and he quickly made his way to EC3’s side. He then proceeded to demolish everyone and clear the ring, and you can watch the full sequence below.

Scherr got a welcome reaction at ROH Final Battle, and it remains to be seen where he will go next. It was expected that he would debut for Impact Wrestling at Bound For Glory, but that didn’t end up happening. With this being the final ROH event for the foreseeable future, could he show up in Impact soon? We’re not sure, but it was great seeing him back in the ring.

The Titan!?!? ITS ADAM SCHERR!! @Adamscherr99 is HERE at #FINALBATTLE!!

— FITE (@FiteTV) December 12, 2021

During Control Your Narrative, Scherr talked a bit about why he took a little longer to sign with anyone after being released by WWE.

“Everything happens for a reason. One door closes and it’s unbelievable how many other doors have opened. So many different opportunities,” Scherr said. “I turned down a lot of money, like an astronomical amount of money to do this. There’s days where I friggin think about it and I’m like ‘holy s-.’ Every three-letter word corporation out there has made me an offer, talked to me about what I want to do moving forward. And I said ‘first and foremost, I have something that I want to do.’ One was this. Two was just having a chance to breathe and live. Like I said, I was unbelievably blessed for my time with WWE, but it was very time-consuming. I went, in five years, I saw my parents eight times. I missed people’s funerals, I missed weddings, I missed births, I missed Christmas’, I missed Thanksgivings.

“The time was amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I’m still a human being, and I have needs when it comes to comfort. I’m very close with my parents, I’m very close with my family and my friends,” Scherr said. “So it’s not only being able to work with my friends on a project, being able to work on an app, being able to do all the other stuff that I have coming out very soon that I’ll be able to talk about more. But just being able to live and going back to my grassroots. And this was one of the biggest things to come out of the Narrative, was remembering who the f- I was.”


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