Forget Deadpool 2: Juggernaut and Colossus’ Best Fight Was WAY More Ridiculous

Colossus and Juggernaut are two of the strongest X-Men bruisers in the history of the title. Both brawlers are natural rivals, given their power sets and imposing physical statures. Their rivalry was especially heated when Colossus briefly usurped Cain Marko as the Champion of Cyttorak.

Other popular mediums use the Colossus-Juggernaut rivalry, of course, with perhaps the most visually satisfying example being Deadpool 2’s climax, which focused on a no-holds-barred brawl between the two characters. Colossus earned a difficult win, in part by fighting dirtier than he normally would. But one of their most memorable fights occurred in the comic book universe, and the inciting incident was for a far pettier, simpler reason: they ran into each other at the bar.

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The 1984 story “He’ll Never Make Me Cry” from Uncanny X-Men #183 (by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.) takes place in the immediate aftermath of Secret Wars. Having fallen in love with Zsaji during the event, Colossus decided to break things off with his longtime love, the phase shifting mutant Kitty Pryde. X-Men teammates Wolverine and Nightcrawler, protective of the young Kitty’s emotions, decide to take Colossus into town for an honest “talk.”

As things become more heated and Colossus becomes increasingly inebriated, Wolverine spots a non-armored Juggernaut coincidentally walk into the bar. Wolverine does not want to get into a fight with the long-time X-Men foe and tries to lead Colossus outside, but the Russian X-Man spills his drink on Juggernaut while leaving and incites a brawl between the two. Although the bar patrons are initially excited by the fight, they soon are forced to flee when the brawl brings the entire building down around the two.

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Both men spend the entire fight bashing each other physically and verbally. Ultimately, Juggernaut steps away the victor, but the powerful stepbrother of Professor X admits that Colossus put up a good fight. As a sign of respect, Juggernaut leaves Colossus and the X-Men some money to use for repairs on the bar. This brawl proves that sometimes the simplest of battles reveal the best in the combatants. For Colossus, he was in an emotional place and needed to physically lash out in order to confront his actions.

The encounter also serves as a reminder that for all his strength and villainy, the Juggernaut (who has since reformed multiple times)  is ultimately just a guy. He is willing and able to make amends or admit to a wrongdoing. As a whole, the issue teases that Colossus could eventually break bad without realizing the full extent of what he has done. Juggernaut’s actions demonstrated minor heroic qualities that he would learn to eventually embrace during a period where he joined the X-Men on the side of good; something he’s set to do again on Nightcrawler’s team. This memorable brawl was a good showcase for both characters and the surprisingly moral complexities that make each character so compelling.

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