Fire Breaks Out at Magic Kingdom in Disney World

A small fire broke out at the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World resort, which resulted in emergency vehicles entering the park. Earlier today, visitors at the park shared multiple videos of emergency vehicles entering Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and traveling down Main Street USA. Orange County Emergency Services stated that emergency services were responding to a fire that occurred at 1100-1699 Magic Kingdom Drive, which includes a number of different Fantasyland and Liberty Square locations. Disney confirmed in a statement to reporter Scott Gustin that a fire had occurred, which was put out by a single fire extinguisher. Disney also stated that no one was hurt by the fire. You can check out video of the scene below:

Reedy Creek Fire Department driving down Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.

From the active call log it seems there is a kitchen fire in either a Fantasyland/Liberty Square location.

? @Coastercrew

— DSNY Newscast (@DSNYNewscast) December 15, 2021

While we’re waiting to hear more news about exactly what occurred at Magic Kingdom, several Twitter users are reporting that Cinderella Castle was evacuated at the same time that the emergency vehicles arrived at the park. This could indicate that the fire was located at Cinderella’s Royal Table, a restaurant located in the upper levels of the castle. One video posted to Twitter (shown below) shows Cinderella Castle being evacuated while emergency lights flash. Additionally, several Twitter users reported seeing smoke coming out of the left side of Cinderella Castle, which can also be seen in the below video.

Looking pretty darn conclusive that it was a fire at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Beyond that would likely be almost entirely speculation as to cause and extend of damage. We’ll have to see if they open tomorrow as a first metric of damage.

— WDW Crane (@WdwCrane) December 15, 2021

This marks the second time this month that Walt Disney World has experienced a disruption due to smoke or fire. Earlier this month, the Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Featuring Aerosmith temporarily shut down due to smoke reported inside the ride. In that case, firefighters confirmed that a fire did not take place within the ride and it re-opened later that day.


Obviously, this is a developing story and we’ll likely have more news about whether the fire caused any sort of damage or results in any additional disruptions.

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