FIFA 22 x Apex Legends Collab Announced

Electronic Arts announced a collaboration between two of its games this week: FIFA 22 and Apex Legends. The crossover consists of some unique cosmetics in FIFA 22 meant to resemble some of the most recognizable Legends in the battle royale game with three different outfits revealed so far. That’s not the extent of the crossover, but it’s the part that people who play both games will be most excited about it seems.

The tweet below from the Apex Legends account showed off the uniforms that FIFA 22 players will be able to acquire all this month should they choose to do so. You’ll notice that the cosmetics are meant to mirror the color schemes and overall appearances of Gibraltar, Octane, and Wraith from Apex.

?Legendary Collab Incoming?

Grab the entire Legends Collection in FIFA Ultimate Team and give your stadium and squad a makeover with these items:
– Olympus XL TIFO
– Phase Runner VIP Area
– Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane Legends Kits

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) March 4, 2022

Naturally, the bundle isn’t free, so you’ll have to spend some of your resources in FIFA 22 if you want this bundle to be yours. It costs 180,000 FIFA coins or 1,500 FIFA points, so you’ll have to shell out one of those kinds of currencies if you want to get everything included.

Unfortunately for Apex players, this bundle is really only a big deal if you play FIFA 22, too. That’s because there’s nothing in it for the battle royale game – the crossover goes one way, and that’s into FIFA 22.

Apex does have no shortage of its own crossovers with different Electronic Arts games, however. From things like the Battlefield series to Mass Effect and several other games that EA has published, there are a number of different weapon charms available in Apex that are modeled after characters and objects from those games. You typically have to be an EA Play member in order to claim them, but they come around frequently enough that you may be able to pick up one or two worthwhile ones by being a subscriber.


In related EA news, the publisher just announced recently that it would be suspending sales of its games and its virtual currencies in both Russia and Belarus. This comes after it was announced that Russia’s National Team would be removed from FIFA 22.

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