Fans Are Excited About New Morbius Clip

On Saturday, Sony released a new clip from the upcoming film Morbius at CCXP Worlds 2021 and fans are loving this latest look at the Jared Leto-starring film set in Sony‘s Spider-Man Universe. The film will see Leto play the titular Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who sets out to find a cure for the rare blood disease that he suffers from with the hope of saving not only himself, but others with the same condition. However, while trying to cure himself, he ends up creating a different issue, turning himself into a vampiric creature. In addition to Leto, the film stars Tyrese Gibson, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, and Michael Keaton.

In the new scene, we see Leto’s doctor transform from human to vampire and what that unfortunately means for a few men who try to stand in his way. The clip gives a solid look at how powerful Morbius can be and fans are loving what they are seeing. Soon after the clip’s release, Marvel fans took to social media to share how excited they are for the upcoming film, which is set to open in theaters on January 28, 2022. Read on to see what fans are saying about the Morbius clip and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Mind blowing

Omg this trailer is mind blowing! #MORBIUS ?????

— Laura Matamoros (@LauraKnight98) December 5, 2021



That clip from ‘Morbius’ was solid, the VFX for him looks wicked too! #Morbius

— Devin (@DevinScott64) December 5, 2021



Not surprised that it looks great. #Morbius will be ???

— Martin (@MDROCHE_) December 5, 2021



That Looked Awesome I am Definitely more excited for Morbius ?????

— Anthony S (@StraderZane) December 5, 2021


More Fire

That Morbius clip was fire

— Panettone Tony Toni (@Khan_Soulo) December 5, 2021



This looks amazing. I’m so excited for Morbius.
big fan of vampires.

— ?Syed-Shahrukh-99? (@syeds6760) December 5, 2021


But not everyone is completely happy

I like the morbius trailer but where tf is the blood. He slashed a dudes throat and not one drop of blood came out?? I swear if this is how they do Blade…

— LAKERS 2021-2022 champs (12-12) (@DougAM_) December 5, 2021


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