FAITHLESS III, the return of THE KILLER, and more in the BOOM Studios February 2022 Solicitations

BOOM Studios has released solicitations information for titles scheduled to ship in February 2022. Included among the publisher‘s offerings are the debut of the third and final Faithless series from Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet, the return of The Killer in Affairs of the State by Matz and Luc Jacamon, and a collection of the first story arc of James Tynion IVTate TrombalWerther Dell’Edera, and Chris Sheehan‘s Something is Killing the Children spin-off House of Slaughter.

All of that and much more in the full BOOM Studios February 2022 solicitations. Check out all the information and cover images below, and look for those titles to arrive in stores in February 2022 and beyond.

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The Killer: Affairs of the State #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Matz
Artist: Luc Jacamon
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Luc Jacamon
Variant Cover: Jonboy Meyers
Vintage Incentive Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Incentive Cover: Reiko Murakami
Incentive Cover: Jonboy Meyers
B!G Variant Cover: Junggeun Yoon

Caught and put to work as an on-call assassin for the French government, Killer has to adjust to working with a handler, a partner, and living life as a civilian.

An underhanded target, a City Hall employee, leads Killer and his partner, Nicolas, toward a sinister web of city-wide corruption.

But while Nicolas assures Killer that it’s all for the greater good, will Killer ever be able to get back to his nihilistic lifestyle, free from debt and government associations?

Discover the Eisner Award-nominated series by artist Luc Jacamon and writer Matz (The Black Dahlia) ahead of the upcoming Netflix film directed by David Fincher (The Social Network), written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en), and starring Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class).

Faithless III #1
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Maria Llovet
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Maria Llovet
Erotic Variant Cover: Kris Anka
Incentive Cover: Jenny Frison

Nine months after her mysterious disappearance, Faith suddenly drops back onto the map.

While the art world debates whether her disappearance was a piece of performance art or all just a publicity stunt, Faith retreats to Louis’s studio to recover from her journey into the unknown.
But Ginny begins to realize that something is very much amiss with Faith. Where was she for nine months? And why does Faith suddenly seem so obsessed with Ginny’s son Jacob?

The acclaimed team of New York Times bestselling writer Brian Azzarello (Batman: Damned) and Maria Llovet (Luna) reunite for the third and final act of their erotic thriller masterpiece!

All-New Firefly #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Jordi Pérez
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Mona Finden
Wanted Poster Variant Cover: Ethan Young
Incentive Cover: Mona Finden
Incentive Cover: Dani Strips
Incentive Cover: Dan Mora
Incentive Cover: Dani Strips
B!G Variant Cover: Junggeun Yoon

The new creative team of rising star writer David M. Booher (Canto) and artist Jordi Pérez (Queen of Bad Dreams) kickoff an all-new, shiny direction for the crew of the Serenity!

Captain Kaylee leads the crew on a heist that proves too much for their moral code, but when mercenaries steal the relics anyway, it turns into a recovery mission.

Meanwhile, unexpected revelations about Jayne’s family and past further complicate things.

But how will Jayne’s past collide with the crew’s desperate present, especially when it leads them to steal from… not the thieves den they had in mind…

Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer #3
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Joe Jaro
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Ario Anindito
Variant Cover: Claire Roe
Incentive Cover: Ario Anindito
Incentive Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Incentive Cover: Jakub Rebelka
Incentive Cover: Claire Roe

Spike’s unorthodox coven is revealed, along with their plans to continue Willow’s work and save humanity, but they’re struggling with spells, and the brutality of the vampires against witches had deep ramifications.

But Buffy is having visions of the past that brings up conflict with Spike, as well as guilt. Can they find a way to make the spells work, find out what part Thessaly plays in all of this, as well as deal with a threat more deadly than perpetual darkness?

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