EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Blood Series Extended For Another Story Arc


As part of Fred Van Lente Day, we can exclusively reveal that the current Jennifer Blood series from Dynamite Entertainment that is written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Vincenzo Federici will be extended beyond its original five-issue storyline with a brand-new story arc starting in #6 that will be called “Blood Debt.”

Dynamite explained the set-up for “Blood Debt” as “While recuperating from the Bountiful bloodbath in a crime clinic, Jennifer Blood meets a terminally-ill hitman who has a bucket list of gangsters who’ve wronged him over the years. He wants to knock them all off before he kicks off himself, and Jennifer is more than happy to help make his wish come true in a murder-filled roadtrip, culminating in a final showdown in Vegas. Always bet on red!”

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Van Lente gave a quote via Dynamite about the extension of the series, “So thrilled that readers have responded to the series. I love the character and have so many more Jennifer Blood stories to tell. Vincenzo and I are just going to try and keep topping ourselves to be the best damn crime comic on the shelves.”

CBR also contacted Van Lente about the news and he added, “This is black comedic, blood-soaked crime tale of Garth Ennis’s female Punisher taking on an entire suburb of not-really-retired gangsters is one of my favorite recent fiction comics works, and I am thrilled it is being received as well as it is.”

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Van Lente also shared the solicitation text for Jennifer Blood #6:

* A brand-new arc and jumping-on point, “BLOOD DEBT,” begins here! * A mysterious woman staggers into a clinic for criminals and collapses from her injuries! * The crooked head surgeon is convinced that he has JENNIFER BLOOD sedated and under his control and plans to sell the most wanted woman in the world to the highest bidder! * But another of his patients is a legendary hit man on his last legs with other plans for Blood–and the trauma ward starts to overflow when they team up!

Jennifer Blood was first launched by Garth Ennis in 2011, working with artists Adriano Batista, Marcos Marz and Kewber Baal. Al Ewing took over the series from Ennis after the original six-issue story arc and wrote the series until Jennifer Blood #25 (Mike Carroll was the final writer on the original series).

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Source: Dynamite Entertainment/Fred Van Lente

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