Ex-Rockstar Games President’s Next Game, Everywhere, First Details Compare Title to Ready Player One


Details on Everywhere, the first game from former Rockstar North and Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies since departing the company, have emerged and it sounds ambitious. In 2016, Leslie Benzies left Rockstar Games after having served at the company for nearly 20 years. Benzies was a key figure at Rockstar Games alongside founders Sam and Dan Houser, serving as a producer and designer on many of the developer’s key games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Benzies claimed he was unceremoniously ousted from the company amidst an extended sabbatical following the release of Grand Theft Auto V, resulting in a feverish lawsuit that has since been settled. Benzies maintained during the lawsuit that he was a key part of Rockstar Games and was instrumental in the success of games like Red Dead Redemption. Nonetheless, he has since moved on and started his own new studio known as Build a Rocket Boy where a team of ex-Rockstar employees and other renowned developers are working on a game called Everywhere.

Despite being announced years ago, we’re only just now getting our first details for the game. As spotted by Everywhere Network on Twitter, one of Build a Rocket Boy’s investors, Galaxy Interactive, gave a general description of the game in a document. The document stated that the game is a “real life” version of Ready Player One, a book and film which revolves around a video game where people can essentially be whoever they want and do whatever they wish. It’s a fantasy world and it seems like Build a Rocket Boy may be trying to achieve a tangible version of it. The document also noted that it’s an open-world AAA game with an “epic” narrative, multiplayer, and user generated content. Needless to say, it sounds incredibly ambitious, but with Benzies at the helm, it’s not impossible.

NEW INFO about Everywhere!

– “Real-life” Ready Player One
– Open World AAA Game
– Multiplayer experience
– Multi-chapter epic narrative
– User generated-content in a “virtual sandbox”
– Players can create their own worlds
– Deep social and streaming integrations pic.twitter.com/zDVqDR7yks

— Everywhere Network (@EverywhereNet) May 2, 2022

As of right now, we have no idea when Everywhere will be released, let alone revealed. Given how long it has been in development and how there are still new details trickling out, it seems like a reveal can’t be too far away. It’s likely Benzies and his team will want to get ahead of Rockstar’s official reveal for Grand Theft Auto 6 which was already confirmed earlier this year. Whether that’s achievable or not remains to be seen.


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