Every Moon Knight Costume Was “On the Board” Producer Confirms


Moon Knight introduced two costumes for the beloved vigilante throughout the course of the show. You have the main suit, an intricately-woven piece paying homage to most suits the character has worn in the Marvel source material. Then there’s the Mr. Knight look most fans would put above anything else in Marc Spector’s closet. As it turns out, those weren’t the only two suits the show wanted to introduced from the leap. In fact, virtually any single one of the character’s looks over the years was “on the board” at one point or another, according to series producer Grant Curtis.

“As you can imagine in the early days of the show, every costume is on the board, and there have been some amazing costumes throughout the year, with these incredible artists that do go back to 1975,” Curtis tells us. “We got to a particular place with the Moon Knight costume, and we thought we were in a good place. And then Oscar [Isaac] came aboard, and he started asking character questions about the Moon Knight costume. It’s like, ‘Would his character do this? Or what about this part of his journey?'”

That’s when Curtis says Isaac spoke with Marvel Studios visual development head Ryan Meinderding to craft the perfect suit.

“We didn’t go back to the drawing board, but we really retooled it in a major way with Oscar’s direction,” he adds. “Ryan [Meinderding] went away for the weekend and came back after talking with Oscar with the suit that you see on screen now. It’s like everybody’s jaw dropped.”

Ultimately, it was all about staying true to the character’s comic book roots while updating the look for a live-action series.

“We paid a little bit of homage to some of the Moon Knight designs that had come before, but also really embraced the mummy wraps and what that character really was,” the producer concludes. “And that’s what Oscar was driving towards. And I think through Oscar, through Ryan, through Meghan, we really made a character costume that’s unique to the IP.”

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.


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