Epic Games Store Reveals 2022’s First Free Game


The first Thursday of 2022 is now upon us, which means the Epic Games Store has once again been updated with a new free game! Starting today, users can snag Gods Will Fall, which will be free to claim through January 13th. For those unfamiliar with how the Epic Games Store works, the title must only be claimed by that date. Once the user has done so, it will be a permanent part of their library, so there’s no rush to complete the game before next week’s free title goes live. Gods Will Fall normally retails for $24.99.

Gods Will Fall is an action-adventure game in which players must attempt to defeat the ancient gods that torment humanity. Players can select from eight different warriors with which to enter each god’s realm. These lairs are covered with minions that will attempt to stop the player, and ensure their master’s continued rule. The base game is the one currently being offered for free, but players that enjoy it can always check out the Valley of the Dormant Gods season pass, which is available for $7.99. The add-on brings in three new gods, new weapon classes, items, and more.

The Epic Games Store has already revealed next week’s free game, which will be Galactic Civilizations III. As with Gods Will Fall, the game normally retails for $24.99, but will be free from January 13th through the 20th. The strategy game allows players to select from different races, including Human, Drengin, Altarian, and more. Since the game’s release back in 2015, it has received mostly strong reviews, and a number of expansions.

Hopefully, Epic Games Store users will find something to enjoy over the next few weeks! These freebies allow players the chance to try something they might not have otherwise, and could help them discover their next favorite game. Readers interested in finding out more about these free games can do so right here.


Do you plan on checking out either of these free games? Have you been happy with the free games on the Epic Games Store? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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