Elizabeth Olsen Weighs in on WandaVision Emmy Nominations: “No One Does a Marvel Job and Thinks You’re Going to get Nominated for Something”


Elizabeth Olsen knew that when she signed up for a Marvel TV series, she probably wasn’t going to be bringing home an Emmy. The Scarlet Witch stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss her character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But, the host had to ask how she felt about the Emmy nomination for WandaVision. Well, in her eyes, that was an honor on its own. The Marvel actress never expected to win anything because of how the studio is understood in Hollywood circles. Olsen is proud of what they accomplished, but realistic when it comes to her awards prospects. However, it isn’t just WandaVision. Multiple Marvel movies have not been nominated for the biggest awards, and fans are always disappointed. For now, that’s just part of the game. Check out what she had to say right here.

“I mean, it was very surprising,” Olsen admitted. “No one does a Marvel job and thinks that you’re going to get nominated for something. But, we did! And we actually got to celebrate together for the first time at the Emmys. Because we wrapped during COVID. I wish that everyone was together. Like, department heads and everything. But, it was special to be there and celebrate our show among really serious things.”

Now, that isn’t to say that she thinks that Marvel projects are easy. In a conversation with Variety this week, Olsen explained that Scarlett Johansson actually played a large role in getting her acclimated to the MCU. Having that kind of mentorship on these massive projects can make all the difference.

“She makes everyone part of the team and excited to go to work.” Olsen said. “She has just such a vitality to her. She has so much like confidence being so young, and I mean, I was 25 when I started and I… she was like way better off than I was when I started. Shocking. I’m still like looking up to Scarlett from down here [laughs]. So it’s amazing that we’ve gone through… not generations. Yeah, and it’s been this long that now we have these different ages of women that we have.”

“I mean that Scarlett is still so close to me in age, but I still look up to her and I really look up to her and her opinions and her advice,” she continued. “I’m really too shy to ask anyone for advice. It’s really watching her. I remember being on Ultron and seeing how she was with the crew and I was just amazed by her ease and her comfort and how she includes the crew in everything and how she makes everyone excited to come to work and I’ve really taken that into my life since then.”


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