Dying Light 2’s Latest DLC Fully Available Now


Dying Light 2 players have slowly but surely been getting bits of DLC over time since the game released, and now, you can claim the latest DLC in full now that all of its parts have been given away. That DLC is the Ronin pack, a set of equipment which was divided up into three different parts including two cosmetics and a weapon. Best of all, the DLC is free, so all you have to do to make it yours is download it.

The DLC all together can be seen below courtesy of the Twitter account for the Dying Light games. The emphasis in the tweet is on the katana that was part three of the DLC, but the outfit shown there is the whole look including the joggers that are a bit cut off in that crop.

The final part of the Ronin pack is here! Check https://t.co/k8qa6Jc2q7 to claim the Wise Katana–the sword that’ll cut your enemies like the wind as you’re parkouring freely through The City. Available now!#DyingLight2 #StayHuman pic.twitter.com/miNImyofsS

— Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) February 25, 2022

If you’re wondering how a DLC can be out in full as opposed to simply out, it’s because Techland distributed this DLC and the last one a bit differently than players might’ve expected. It was given away akin to how you’d get things in a live-service game with the DLC segmented into three parts available on different days, but there were no challenges or any other requirements to getting the gear. All you have to do now that it’s available is look up the Ronin Pack in your platform’s store and you’ll find the three pieces available as individual downloads. Add them to your collections, look forward to whatever DLC comes next, and expect it to be released in a similar fashion whenever it’s available.

In the meantime, you can keep playing through Dying Light 2, and once you’re done, you can hold onto hope for a New Game+ mode. Players have been asking the developers about that kind of feature so that they can start things over for another playthrough without giving up all their resources, but the developers haven’t yet implemented that feature. They’ve said they hope it happens soon, however.


In addition to the still relatively new Dying Light 2, the series is also transcending mediums with the release of a board game. It’s named aptly so and is called Dying Light: The Board Game, though no release plans have been announced yet with the creators simply saying that it’s in the works.

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