Dwayne Johnson Has Two of the Top 3 Movies Dominating Every Streaming Service


Movie fans everywhere continue to smell what The Rock is cookin’. Dwayne Johnson has spent years establishing himself as one of the biggest and most beloved movie stars on the planet, and that popularity has translated well to the world of streaming. This past month, Johnson had not one, but two movies make their way to different streaming services, and both were massive hits. Unsurprisingly, Johnson has been dominating the streaming charts.

According to Nielsen, Red Notice was the most-watched movie on any streaming service from November 8th through November 14th. The Netflix original, which also stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, was streamed for more than 1.8 billion minutes over the course of its debut week.

Johnson took the number one spot on the charts that week, as well as number three overall. Jungle Cruise was added to Disney+ on the same day Red Notice premiered on Netflix, following a few months of being available to subscribers via the Premier Access program. After debuting free for all subscribers, Jungle Cruise was streamed for a total of 908 million minutes. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings came in second, hiding out between the Dwayne Johnson films, with just over 1 billion minutes streamed.

All three films delivered these numbers in just a couple of days, having debuted at the end of the week being counted. It’s entirely likely that the views actually increase in the ratings for the following week.

While The Rock was certainly the headliner for the week, both Netflix and Disney+ had plenty of other success that had nothing to do with Johnson. Love Hard, The Harder They Fall, Passing, and Father Christmas Is Back all made the Top 10 for Netflix. Disney+ saw Home Sweet Home Alone, Luca, and Black Widow join its two other films on the list.


Given the streaming success of Red Notice and Jungle Cruise, it should come as no surprise that both movies will have sequels. Disney has already started development on a second Jungle Cruise movie, which will reunite Johnson and Emily Blunt with director Jaume Collet-Serra. Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements about a Red Notice sequel, but director Rawson Marshall Thurber has already revealed plans for multiple movies, and he hopes to shoot multiple sequels back to back. In addition to his starring roles, Johnson acts as a producer for both franchises.

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