Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Musical Announced for This Summer


A musical about a group of Dungeons & Dragons players is set to launch Off-Broadway this summer. Here There Be Dragons – A New Musical Quest is a new musical featuring book and lyrics by Chase O’Neill, music by Theo Teris, orchestrations by Scott Wasserman (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen), and direction by Austin Harleson. The new musical features a group of Dungeons & Dragons players embarking on their final quest together before they graduate college. Per the official description of the musical, the characters will “contend with their anxieties, fears, and obstacles, manifested as fantasy monsters and locales, to discover what their futures may hold.” Other themes include the trepidation and excitement of growing up, holding on to what’s dear, and moving forward in life without one’s “swords”.

In a press release announcing the new musical, O’Neill explained his relationship with Dungeons & Dragons and how it inspired this musical. “In college I met my best friends, playing seemingly endless sessions of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons,” O’Neill said. “We still play together to this day. Theo and I wrote this show because of the impact our friends from college, and even high school, had on both of us. This show is about the strength it takes to choose one’s friends and the struggles that must be overcome to make lasting connections. We’re thrilled to share this story, as the enduring nature of friendship is something we herald as essential to life. There’s a world to explore, best have your party by your side to face it. Now, roll for initiative!”

Here There Be Dragons is the first D&D-themed musical. Another stage show that features Dungeons & Dragons as a central plot device is She Kills Monsters, which was written by Raya and the Last Dragon co-writer Qui Nguyen. D&D actual-play shows such as The Adventure Zone, Critical Role, and Acquisitions Incorporated have also regularly sold out theaters, usually at gaming conventions.


Here There Be Dragons is set to premiere at The Players Theatre in New York City with performances beginning Thursday, June 16, and set to run through Sunday July 17, 2022. Cast and a full creative team will be announced at a later time.

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