Dungeons & Dragons Funko POP! Reveals Interesting New Look for Classic Villain


A new Dungeons & Dragons Funko POP! figure reveals an interesting new look for one of the game’s most iconic villains. Earlier this week, Funko revealed that they would release a POP! figure of Vecna, the undead lich-god at the heart of some of the game’s biggest adventures. The new figure shows Vecna in an elaborate outfit that’s unlike anything we’ve seen out of an “official” D&D sourcebook. While Vecna retains both his hand and eye in the Funko POP! figure, there is a nice nod to the lich’s notorious artifacts in the figure – one hand is wearing a gauntlet while one eye seems to have a golden accent. You can check out the figure below:

screen-shot-2021-12-12-at-8-41-32-am.png(Photo: Funko)

The new figure raises a few questions about D&D’s possible plans. While it’s not a surprise that Vecna would eventually get a Funko POP! figure (the D&D line of figures seems to be a popular one for Funko), most of the figures seem to be based on official D&D artwork of some kind. For instance, the Funko POP! figure of Asmodeus, perhaps the most powerful of D&D’s pantheon of devils, features robes and a look similar to the character’s depiction in the Neverwinter Tales comic. The equally iconic beholder Xanathar’s coloration is identical to how he looks on the cover of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Basically, it’s unusual for a Funko POP! figure to feature an entirely unique design instead of a look at least inspired by some sort of official artwork.

Vecna hasn’t made an “official” appearance in any 5E material to date and his only recent depiction comes from the Magic: The Gathering card set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, in which the lich appears as a token (and looks totally different from the Funko POP! figure). Obviously, it’s possible that Funko could have just used some sort of unseen reference artwork when making this figure, or maybe they independently came up with the design. But the figure does raise at least the remote possibility that Vecna (and specifically, this Vecna design) could be in the works for some sort of upcoming adventure or D&D book.


We’ll have to wait to see what the future holds for Vecna, but fans can pre-order the Vecna Funko POP! figure from GameStop now.

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