Dragon Ball Super Teases First Peek at Chapter 79


Dragon Ball Super is pushing forward with lots of new work, and its manga promises to keep up its schedule. If you did not know, the series is working on a new arc starring Granolah, and the former foe has become one of our heroes’ unlikeliest allies. And thanks to a small peek at chapter 79, fans know more about the trio’s bond.

The whole thing went live today when the official Dragon Ball website updated its manga page. It was there fans were told more drafts would drop at 10:00 am JST tomorrow, and they were given a single sneak-peek to tide everyone over.

#DragonBallSuper Manga Ch79 FIRST LOOK!

Vegeta feeds Granolah the Senzu bean, as Goku fights Gas alone.

More drafts tomorrow at 10am (JST)#dbspoilers pic.twitter.com/HhykpMsbz1

— SUPER ????? ? (@DBSChronicles) December 13, 2021

You can see the little peek above as it shows Vegeta and Granolah together. The pair are no longer on the main battlefield as Goku has challenged Gas to a solo fight. This would be fine if Gas weren’t so insanely strong these days, and Goku is desperate for Vegeta to give him an assist ASAP.

Of course, Vegeta has different plans in mind. At the end of last month’s chapter, the Saiyan offered a senzu bean to Granolah so the boy can get revenge on the gang that sold his people out. In this Dragon Ball Super sneak-peek, Vegeta is still pushing his ally to eat the bean while watching Goku fight over his shoulder. As for Granolah, the sniper is still hurting from his battle earlier, but he seems ready to regain his stamina by snacking on the senzu bean.

Granolah might have gotten a power boost from Planet Cereal’s dragon balls, but Gas has now one-upped the fighter. He is now on a level where taking on Goku is possible, so one of our heroes is going to need to surpass their limits once more if Gas is to be beaten. And should Vegeta get his way, Granolah will be the one who KO’s Gas as revenge for his people’s annihilation.


What do you think about this latest Dragon Ball Super update? Are you ready to see where Vegeta and Granolah take this arc next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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