Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Pan’s Role In New Film


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recently released a new trailer that gave fans plenty to contemplate, with a new transformation being hinted at for Piccolo and a potential major villain waiting in the wings as a result of the return of the Red Ribbon Army. While Piccolo and Gohan might be getting the lion’s share of attention for the upcoming movie, Gohan’s daughter Pan had more revealed about her upcoming role in the movie and how she will relate to the return of the nefarious criminal organization that has been a part of the Shonen series since the first series.

Pan has a long history in the world of Dragon Ball, not in Dragon Ball Super mind you, but with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Showing up in the final arc of Dragon Ball Z, Pan played a major role in the now outside of continuity series known as Dragon Ball Grand Tour, bouncing around the universe with her grandfather Goku and a teenage Trunks. The upcoming Super Hero movie is bringing Pan closer to her GT self by aging her up a few years, though unfortunately, it seems as though she is now a target of the Red Ribbon Army.

While no material has shown why the Red Ribbon has an eye on Pan, the latest trailer shows the daughter of Gohan and Videl being kidnapped by the criminal organization, with the movie also stating in the past that Pan is starting to get into the “family business” by training with the Namekian Piccolo, who had trained her father so many years ago during the first saga of Dragon Ball Z.

If you have yet to see the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, you can watch it below to see if you can get a better idea of what Pan will be up to as she begins training to fight like her family but finds herself in a heap of new trouble:

While the movie will be hitting Japan this April on the 22nd, a precise North American release date has yet to be revealed, though the producers of the movie have hinted at a summer release window for the West.


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