Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Promo Reveals Surprising Upgrade for New Villain


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is gearing up for its launch across theaters in Japan next month, and the newest promotional materials for the film have teased a surprising upgrade for one of the new villains showing up in the upcoming movie! Dragon Ball Super is finally returning for the first new anime entry in the franchise in four long years, but one of the most exciting aspects about the new film is the fact that it is touting a central role for Gohan and Piccolo. Setting the duo up as Earth’s main defenders this time around, they will be facing off against a familiar enemy.

It’s been touted since the film released its very first teaser trailer that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be bringing back the Red Ribbon Army as the main antagonists for the new film. New members of the army will be taking the center stage as they develop new Androids to take on Earth’s Z-Fighters, but through new promotional materials spotted by @guernicass4 on Twitter, it seems one of the new characters, Magenta, is sporting some major armor that had yet to be seen in any of the trailers. Check it out below:

DBS: SUPER HERO New illustrations!

Thanks to: @guernicass4 pic.twitter.com/3a1i8jdGor

— Hype (@DbsHype) May 1, 2022

It’s not exactly clear how dangerous this new armor will be making Magenta in the long run, nor has it been revealed what kind of role the new boss of the Red Ribbon Army will be playing in the film, but what is clear is that he’ll be coming to blows against someone. With Gohan and Piccolo probably occupied with the dangerous new Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, it really narrows down who exactly his opponent will be in the new movie. But thankfully it won’t be too long before we get to it all go down.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now officially scheduled to hit theaters across Japan on June 11th, but there has yet to be any word on its official North American release as of this writing. As for what to expect when the movie finally premieres, Toei Animation hypes up Dragon Ball Super’s next feature film as such, “In the past, Goku destroyed the evil Red Ribbon Army organization. But their will lived on!! Now they’re revived, the RR create the new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, and begin their revenge. Piccolo soon notices this disturbing activity, and sneaks into the Red Ribbon base, but there he discovers an unimaginable ‘ultimate evil weapon’…!! Pan is kidnapped in order to lure Gohan to base. There, he too joins the fight, and an unprecedented super battle begins!”


What do you think? What are you hoping to see go down in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Are you excited to see how the anime continues with the new movie? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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