Dragon Ball Super Sets Up Another Heeters Plan in New Promo


Dragon Ball Super has set up another crafty plan from the Heeters with the first look at the next major chapter of the manga series! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached a new phase now that Granolah finally discovered the truth about his past in the previous chapter of the series, and now the Heeters are getting ready for their grand scheme after making a successful wish on Monaito’s Dragon Balls. But now it seems that amidst their grand scheme that they have a new sort of plan cooking up as a tease of something big in store is coming our way.

The drafts for the first pages of Chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super have been revealed on Dragon Ball’s official website, and it’s titled “Gas vs. Granolah.” While the title of the chapter teases that the main focus of it will be the rematch between Granolah and Gas, there will be some other things brewing on the back burner as Elec clearly has many other things in mind. Eliminating Granolah and the Saiyans isn’t even a part of his full plan, and it seems he’s got some “urgent business” pertaining to those plans.

Elec’s other reason for not heading to the battlefield right away: he says there’s other urgent business…but we don’t find out what yet pic.twitter.com/WqJbmCy3UE

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) December 14, 2021

As the first pages of Chapter 79 tease, Elec is hanging back as Gas, Oil, and Macki now deal with Granolah and the Saiyans. He’s celebrating the successful wish and notes how Gas seems to have become the best in the universe. But he also doesn’t join his siblings on the battlefield because he has other urgent business to take care of. From what we know about Elec thus far, he’s been a broker who has aided in the destruction of planets in order to make money off of refugees of those destroyed planets needing new homes.

This has all been done in service of a grand plan that has yet to be fully revealed, and this curious tease does make one wonder about the next scheme he has in mind. They build on one another like a puzzle, and each of these schemes is always in service of that bigger goal. Now the question is figuring out what this urgent business is, how it ties into Gas’ new strength, and how that ties into their grand plan.


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