Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo’s Toshio Furukawa Releases New Sketches of the Namekian


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to hit theaters around the world this summer, seeing Goku and Vegeta off-world and leaving the protection of the planet Earth to both Gohan and Piccolo. With the latter Z-Fighter receiving a new transformation that apparently releases his full potential, the voice actor for the most powerful Namekian in the universe is preparing to return to the anime franchise and has plenty of unique new art that he created for the character that he has given life to since the 1980s. Needless to say, this movie is sure to change Piccolo in some big ways.

While Piccolo has had some big roles in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, such as participating in the Universe 6 Tournament Arc, the Tournament of Power, and the Moro Arc, he hasn’t been able to keep up with Goku and Vegeta when it comes to their overall power levels as the Saiyans have reached the likes of Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego.

While Furukawa might not be on the same artistic level as Dragon Ball artists Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, it’s clear that the voice actor has a deep fondness for the Namekian which he has helped bring to life for decades:

dragon-ball-1.jpg(Photo: DragonBall.com)dragon-ball-2.jpg(Photo: DragonBall.com)dragon-ball-3.jpg(Photo: DragonBall.com)dragon-ball-4.jpg(Photo: DragonBall.com)dragon-ball-5.jpg(Photo: DragonBall.com)

In a recent interview with the Official Dragon Ball website, Toshio Furukawa had this to say about voicing the Namekian once again and the new transformation that Piccolo will be employing against the forces of the resurrected Red Ribbon Army:

“I had to retake those parts a few times during recording, actually. The first time we recorded, the visuals were all just line drawings, so I couldn’t really tell that he looked any different. Afterward, they added in the colors and I got a better feel for how Piccolo would change, and then we retook the recordings to match that. Piccolo hasn’t really had any transformations per say throughout the series, so I was quite happy that he finally got one. Fans were very apt to notice Piccolo’s changes too, weren’t they? When the second key visual for the movie was released, they were saying things like, “The lines on Piccolo’s arms are gone!” and “His belt’s a different color!” They really do pay close attention.”


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