Dragon Ball Super Merch Teases a New Character’s Arrival


Dragon Ball has big plans for the new year, and it seems like more info on the comeback is coming. So far, Toei Animation has shared a good bit of details and that includes a full-blown trailer. Now, a new merchandise listing has fans buzzing, and it is all thanks to the arrival of a brand-new character.

And the only problem is what? Well, fans aren’t quite sure who this new character could be.

It’s NOT confirmed that this “New Character” will be from #DragonBallSuperSuperHero movie, just speculation.

It only states “Dragon Ball Super” not “Super Hero.”

Scheduled to release in May 2022.
Source: Jump Calendar pic.twitter.com/IAlahm79v1

— SUPER ????? ? (@DBSChronicles) December 2, 2021

As you can see here, the listing was found online by Chronicles, a well-known Dragon Ball fan-page. It was there they shared listings for new Dragon Ball Super toys. The prizes are supposed to be given at arcades and amusement contests in Japan, but Piccolo is not the only one getting such a prize.

After all, one of the figures is listed as Dragon Ball Super – New Character. No name or character details are given about the prize beyond its name. Of course, this pushed fans to speculate what’s coming, and the toy’s release date has convinced many the person will debut in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The toy is slated to go live in May 2022 if all works out. This aligns with the release year of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While the movie has yet to score an official release date, many expect the film to debut next summer. This prize’s release window aligns with the theory perfectly, but again, nothing is confirmed as of yet.


Now, when it comes to who this character might be, any guess is as good as another. If it is dedicated to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the figure could be of a new hero or villain. We know several of the film’s original characters at this point, so they wouldn’t be labeled as a new character on this missive. It seems more likely that an unseen character is getting their own prize, and fans are hoping Cooler somehow weasels his way into this big new film.

What do you think about this new listing? Do you think Dragon Ball Super is keeping secrets about its new movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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