Dragon Ball Super May Not Be Finished with Bardock Just Yet


Dragon Ball Super has its team working hard on its next movie right now, but the entire team isn’t dedicated to the project. As always, an elite team is working with Akira Toriyama on the Dragon Ball Super manga. The artist Toyotaro is one of them as he brings each chapter to life, and a recent interview put him in the hot seat over Bardock.

After all, the fans have questions about Bardock and his return in the manga. Dragon Ball Super readers are curious whether Goku’s father will stick around in the manga, and it seems like Toyotaro isn’t against the idea.

Recently, the official Dragon Ball website posted a video chat with Toyotaro, and the artist fielded tons of questions. It was there Bardock’s future came up, and the illustrator was vague when he teased the hero’s expanded role.

“Well, I can’t really answer questions related to the story, but it’s fair to say that Bardock plays a major role in this arc,” Toyotaro said. “He may or may not [reappear]. Without a doubt, he’s an important character. I can’t tell you how he’ll appear or in what part of the story, but he’s the central figure in the Granolah arc, so you can get a little excited.”

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you will know the ins and outs of Bardock’s return. The hero reappeared in the manga as Granolah learned more about his past. It turns out Bardock was part of the kid’s childhood, and the Saiyan is to thank for Granolah being alive to this day. Now, Bardock’s legacy lives on through the sniper, and Granolah will team up with Goku himself to defeat the villains who led to his planet’s demise. And when the big battle begins, fans shouldn’t be surprised if Bardock pops up in some more flashbacks.


What do you think of Toyotaro’s thoughts on Bardock? Do you want to see more of the Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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