Dragon Ball Super Drops Chapter 79 Drafts Ahead of Its Release


Dragon Ball Super is ready to take things up a notch this month with its new chapter. The series plans to carry on its arc with Granolah as the sniper is narrowing in on some much-needed revenge. And now, fans have gotten their first look at chapter 79 ahead of its debut.

The update went live courtesy of Dragon Ball‘s official website. As usual, the team put up a few early pages of this month’s chapter, and fans were quick to check on things. After all, Dragon Ball Super left fans on a cliffhanger last month with Vegeta, and it seems the Saiyan is able to relay his message to Granolah.


The roughs are out for DBS ch.79, “Gas vs Granolah”. Elec says Gas seems to have become best in the universe. But he decides to keep the ship where it is rather than head to the battlefield…since he doesn’t want to get dust in his wine. https://t.co/mutViJH5cj pic.twitter.com/PwjIBTCPcN

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) December 14, 2021

As you can see above, the Dragon Ball Super drafts do show Vegeta and Granolah as the latter prepares to pop a senzu bean. It seems the sniper is shocked such a handy food exists given how quickly it heals him. And as it turns out, the recovery was timed perfectly as Monaito finds himself cornered by two of the Heeters.

It doesn’t take long before Granolah shows up to save the day, and he focuses his eyes on Gas next. Goku is happy for the break, and given Granolah’s history with the baddie, our heroes are kind enough to step out the way. It is time for Granolah to surpass his limits to defeat Gas, so fans can look forward to the fight playing out officially by this month’s end.

If you are not caught up with the manga right now, you can check it out through Viz Media. The publisher has copies of the manga in print at stores, but its up-to-date catalog can be accessed online with a subscription. Dragon Ball Super has yet to announce any plans to adapt its manga arcs on screen, but that does not mean the anime is over. Right now, the team is preparing to welcome Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero next year following the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 2018.


What do you make of this first-look at chapter 79? Are you liking Dragon Ball Super’s current arc or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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