Dragon Ball Super Artist Explains Beerus’ Influence on Ultra Ego


Dragon Ball Super is moving forward with new content this month as December will bring out a new chapter of the manga. Of course, fans are eager to see whether Ultra Ego will reappear in this month’s update since Vegeta has not used it in a bit. Even the manga’s artist is eager for Ultra Ego to make a comeback, and in a recent interview, fans learned how exactly Beerus influenced the transformation.

The information was shared by Dragon Ball‘s official website as it posted a new interview with Toyotaro, the man behind the manga’s art. The artist has worked closely with Akira Toriyama to bring Dragon Ball Super new arcs even after its anime closed. And when asked about Ultra Ego, Toyotaro confirmed he wanted the form to lean into Beerus’ aesthetic.

“That’s right. I was. Ultra Instinct is a technique of the angels, but Ego is different – it is a technique used by the Gods of Destruction. So fundamentally, I was trying to capture Beerus’ essence,” Toyotaro said. “Either way, I envisioned how Vegeta would look like if you incorporated a little of Beerus’ design.”

If you have seen Ultra Ego in the manga, well – it is hard to miss this influence. Not only does Vegeta bulk up similarly to Beerus when he uses Ultra Ego, but his brows become more pronounced. The hero’s overall features become a better match to Beerus, and his need to destroy things goes up several notches. Of course, this would make Beerus proud given his own love of chaos, and Vegeta isn’t above pandering to the God of Destruction so long as he gains power from doing so.

At this point, Dragon Ball Super fans are simply waiting to see how Ultra Ego looks in color, and that info will be shared soon. Toyotaro has confirmed a color illustration of Ultra Ego Vegeta will debut next week at Jump Festa. Many expect the color scheme to use purple hues given how Beerus uses the color, but that is little more than a theory right now. But given what Toyotaro has said about Vegeta’s new form, it is safe to say Vegeta will be rocking the royal hue.


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