Dragon Ball Heroes Teases New Arc Debut Ahead of 2022


Super Dragon Ball Heroes is setting the stage for a new arc debut ahead of its potential run in 2022! The promotional anime series for the original arcade card game in Japan has already surprised Dragon Ball fans around the world when it continued its initial first season run with a whole new season of episodes. It’s now hitting the 40 episode mark in total, and is teasing that this next episode of the series will be bringing the New Space-Time War arc, and thus the overall Big Bang Mission saga, to an end. So now, what’s next?

The eighth episode of the New Space-Time War arc has revealed the first details ahead of its release in Japan later this month, and with it confirmed that the fight against Fuu (that started with the Prison Planet arc way back in the first season) will be bringing this massive arc to an end. This will end the second season’s run for the year as well, and with it apparently sets the stage for what could be coming in the next arc for a full animated version of the “Ultra God Mission” arc hopefully arriving in 2022.

dragon-ball-heroes-goku-ssb-goku-xeno-ssj4-anime.jpg(Photo: Bandai)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 is titled “The Last Full Power! Fierce Battle for the Future, Finally Settled!,” and is currently scheduled for a release on December 19th in Japan. It’s described as such, “The final battle unfolds beneath the universe tree. Goku and Fuu clash with each other with everything they’ve got. The fierce battle for the peace and future of all universes finally concludes!” While there is unfortunately not much to gleam from the summary as to what to expect, it does indicate that the arc is indeed ending.

As for what could come next should the promotional anime series continue, the next major arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is known as the Ultra God Mission. This kicks off next Spring in Japan, and while there have yet to be any word on more anime episodes to coincide with the new arc, this next mission is teasing that Goku will be facing off against his alternate world self, Goku: Xeno, as the major crux of the battles to come. But that remains to be seen with the release of this next episode later this month.


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