Dragon Ball Fans Agree Vegeta is the Best Part of Granolah’s Arc


Dragon Ball Super‘s latest manga arc “Granolah the Survivor” has been pretty epic in scope and ambition, introducing a pivotal new character and species (Grahnolah, the last Cerealian); some pivotal new villains (The Heeters); new powers and transformations; a game-changing expansion of the lore around the Dragon Balls; and retcons the have entirely re-framed the character of Goku’s father, Bardock and his history. However, even with all of that on the table, its seems that there’s a general consensus among Dragon Ball Super fans: that Vegeta is the best part of the Granolah Arc!

Check out below to see why fans are in love with Vegeta (again) after the latest events of the Dragon Ball Super manga:

Cinematic Vegeta

Toyotaro did a phenomenal job with vegeta and granolahs interaction here. The angles, eeriness, dialogue, everything about it is great. You really get the sense that vegetas walking around granolah with each panel, it flows beautifully. pic.twitter.com/RELcbPqqeB

— ImNotThatGuy/Toyotaro Enthusiast ? (@LuayYagami) December 1, 2021

This scene shows just how much reverence that Toyotaro has for Vegeta as a character, giving him this Lee Marvin-style western showdown moment.


Trending… The Wrong Way

Vegeta’s trending pic.twitter.com/ayc27o1jDg

— shane (@ultraegoshane) December 1, 2021

Vegeta is so popular right now thanks to Dragon Ball Super‘s Granolah Arc – which apparently isn’t always a good thing.


Ultra Ego Connection

Vegeta didnt eat the senzu because he wanted Granolah to get revenge, thats part of it but not the real reason. Vegeta CANT use UE after learning the truth about Granolah & Bardock, the truth freed him of his past, Bardock was Vegeta closure, One OLD Sayian who did a good deed- pic.twitter.com/QyOR2DhwLc

— Yessir! (@yessir167) November 27, 2021

Even the scene referenced above has deep connective meaning to Vegeta‘s new Ultra Ego powers.


Deep Character Work

UE Vegeta not dodging & Old Vegeta not dodging..notice how he laughed at both Goku & Granolah & immediately followed up with an attack of his own, Toyo once again forcing us to go back & REREAD to find the connections & the true meaning! pic.twitter.com/zBl6DCyRuz

— Yessir! (@yessir167) November 27, 2021

Fans aren’t just loving Vegeta‘s role in the Granolah arc for superficial reasons: the Granolah Arc has done some subtly deep character work to show how Vegeta’s mindstate and history are key to the next evolution of his powers.


Who’s the MVP?

I do think we going to see Goku in action a bit in this chapter, i kind of get the feeling Granolah isn’t going to be the one to beat gas. Either Goku or Vegeta will

— Yessir! (@yessir167) December 1, 2021

The Granolah Arc has revealed its main villain to be Gas, the impish little enforcer of the crime family The Heeters. Now that Gas has used the Cerealian Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe, Vegetta may have to be the MVP who steps up to help Granolah (and Goku) win the fight.


He Needs A Win

Do you people think that vegeta should finally get an Arc Win in the Granolah Arc? pic.twitter.com/DPR6LNvaVP

— ????Godly??? (@BattleObsessed) December 1, 2021

It’s been no secret that the Dragon Ball Super fandom wants Vegeta to be the hero of this current arc. Will it happen? As always, it’s anyone’ guess…


{replyCount}commentsSo Much Potential

Vegeta in Granolah arc has so much potential

— GalacticRevolutionaryMj (@GalacticMj) November 27, 2021

Even if Vegeta doesn’t get to be the big hero of this Granolah Arc, the storyline has set him up to have so much potential in the Dragon Ball Super that continues on from here.


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