Dragon Ball: 7 Things Only Goku Fans Will Understand


Son Goku may not the smartest Saiyan to ever exist, but he is definitely the most famous. Over the decades, Dragon Ball has proven its popularity time and again thanks to Goku. Kids and adults alike love the Dragon Ball hero, so you can see why Dragon Ball is still rolling out new stories to this day.

Of course, old-school Dragon Ball fans will have special memories locked away from their youth, but there are some thing about Goku that are universal. If you love the Saiyan, well – we are here to put you to the test. There are some rites of passage every Goku fan must go through, and we’re pretty confident you can relate to one of the following Dragon Ball scenarios…

What’s your favorite thing about Earth’s greatest hero? How long have you known Goku…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

The Seventh super-saiyan-3-goku-1178033.jpg

You developed a cough after trying to mimic Super Saiyan 3 Goku and only stopped after your parents threatened to block Toonami.


The Sixth dragon-ball-z-goku-super-saiyan-2-1270126.jpg

You willingly used an entire thing of hair gel to copy Goku’s Super Saiyan hair, and it took days for it to wash out.


The Fifth dragon-ball-z-goku-220483.jpg

You and your friends at school would argue at recess over whether Goku could beat Superman or – dare we say – Batman.


The Fourth goku-spirit-bomb-1136352.jpg

You probably sat on the edge for weeks on end waiting for Goku to throw a Spirit Bomb at Frieza… only for it not to work.


The Third goku-death.png(Photo: Toei Animation)

There’s no doubt you panicked when Goku sacrificed his life to kill Raditz at the start of Dragon Ball Z, and we won’t blame you if you even shed a tear.


The Second

You tried to inhale food at dinner like Goku would but felt the consequences later when you were sick all night long.

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{replyCount}commentsThe First

You’ve definitely practiced your Kamehameha stance on the off chance Cell ever came to Earth while Goku was away training.


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