Dormant Xbox Exclusive Game May Reappear Soon

A dormant Xbox game that hasn’t made a major public appearance over the past few years could finally reappear in the near future. That game in question happens to be The Last Night, which was an adventure game announced for Xbox One and PC all the way back in 2017. And while the title was later delayed indefinitely in 2018, a recent tease might indicate that more information could be coming at some point.

Within the past day, some eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that The Last Night creator Tim Soret shared a brief new clip of what looks to be the game’s title screen to his own social media account. Not long after publishing the video, Soret ended up quickly deleting the tweet in question which prompted a number of questions from fans who have been wondering about the project’s status. Considering that this new footage from The Last Night was also shown in such close proximity to The Game Awards, which is set to take place next week, some assumed that this could be a teaser for an announcement that may take place at the annual event.

(Rumor) The teased game for #TheGameAwards is probably The Last Night

Tim Soret published this video on his Twitter without any comments, but then deleted it.

I really hope we get a demo of this game after the show.?

— Idle Sloth (@IdleSloth84) December 1, 2021

Despite getting the hopes up of a number of fans, though, Soret has since suggested that this tweet associated with The Last Night isn’t indicative of upcoming reveals or announcements related to the game. As shared in the game’s official Discord server, Soret said that he was simply trying to “test new GIF compression techniques,” which led to him sharing the footage that can be found above. Assuming that he’s not merely trying to misdirect fans in advance of an upcoming re-reveal, it sounds like we shouldn’t expect more news associated with The Last Night to come about soon.


That being said, what do you think about this whole situation with The Last Night? And when do you think we might finally start to learn more about this Xbox title that has been in the works for so long? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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