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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Devil’s Reign #1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

In Marvel’s Devil’s Reign #1 (by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles), Mayor Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, has outlawed superpowered vigilantes in New York City. Ironically — or perhaps hypocritically — by the end of the issue, he is in hot pursuit of his own superhuman abilities, procured from the notorious Purple Man.

This quest for power presents an interesting question, though, of whether Fisk already possessed superpowers, especially considering the fact that he regularly takes on the heroes of the world, facing individuals such as Daredevil and Spider-Man in hand to hand combat… and winning. So, does the infamous Wilson Fisk secretly have superpowers, or is he indeed just a very strong, very successful and very smart “ordinary” man?

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The simple answer to the question is no, Kingpin is not a super-powered individual. However, while Fisk does not officially have powers, he is at the peak of human strength and has proven to be an expert tactician and strategist. Despite appearing fat, the Kingpin’s bulk is made up of pure muscle, developed since he started weightlifting at an early age. In addition to specializing in Sumo wrestling, he combines other disciplines to create a unique and effective style all his own. His stamina is also impressive, with the large man often defeating his opponents by simply outlasting them. The muscle packed across his body also serves as a low grade body armor, allowing him to survive battles with deadly opponents. However, his most remarkable ability might be convincing others to underestimate him. Faster, stronger, and more agile than he appears, Fisk often comes out on top due to pure surprise.

Fisk’s true power, though, might be the same as another wealthy urbanite: he has vast resources and knows how to use them. Like Bruce Wayne, he’s rich and has augmented himself far beyond the norm. Fisk often wields a laser-gun walking stick, a diamond stickpin that sprays knockout gas, and wears Kevlar armor. Beyond the weapons and armor, Fisk has a network of informants and underlings extending across the world that keep him supplied with valuable information. In addition, he has hired some of the greatest fighters to train against, improving his skills to be the best money can buy.

Those skills have proven to be enough to defeat both Daredevil and Spider-Man in hand-to-hand combat, and he has fought Captain America to a stalemate. Even though he does not officially possess powers, the fact that he has proven able to beat certified superheroes speaks volumes about how powerful he is, despite his human limitations.

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The mental abilities of Wilson Fisk have also proven to outperform those of known superhumans. In Devil’s Reign #1, the Kingpin resists the powers of Kilgrave, The Purple Man, and his attempts at mind-control. Fisk insists that Kilgrave should know by now that his willpower is far too strong to succumb to simple mind control, implying that this isn’t the first time Fisk has resisted the violet villain. This strongly suggests once again that Fisk may in actuality be more powerful than anyone can imagine, despite only being human.

As dangerous as he is, Wilson Fisk is on the verge of becoming even more deadly. In Devil’s Reign, Fisk realizes that Daredevil has somehow tampered with his memories and is enraged. After using his political power to make the use of superpowers illegal in his city, Fisk pummels Kilgrave, declaring that the Purple Man has squandered his gift and that it’s time for someone better to possess it. This suggests that the villain has a plan to take the mind-controlling abilities of his fellow villain, making an already dangerous man even more of a deadly threat.

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