Doctor Who Audio Adventures to Continue Through 2030

Doctor Who‘s audio adventures will continue through 2030. Since 1999, Big Finish has produced Doctor Who audio dramas. These stories have featured various iterations of the Doctor and first aired on BBC Radio. The plays helped keep the Doctor Who fandom alive during the early 21st. They’ve continued even after the 2005 television revival. In 2021, Guinness World Records named Big Finish’s Doctor Who Main Range the longest-running sci-fi radio serial of all time. Next year, Big Finish will give the line a soft reboot. That sets Big Finish up to continue producing Doctor Who Adventures into another decade.

In 2022, Big Finish will release several new ‘classic era’ box sets. These stories will feature former Doctor Who stars. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann will voice each of their Doctors. Big Finish will also continue the adventures of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, respectively, reprise their roles. Confirmed 2022 releases include:

  • January: The Fifth Doctor Adventures: Forty 1 and The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Charlotte Pollard – The Further Adventures
  • February: The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Old Friends and The Third Doctor Adventures: The Annihilators
  • March: The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Solo
  • April: The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Stranded 4 and The First Doctor Adventures

Big Finish expanded its line to include Doctor Who spinoffs. Torchwood and Class each got series. The company also launched these original series: The Diary of River Song, Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter, The War Doctor Begins, The War Master, UNIT, The Year of Martha Jones, Peladon, The Lone Centurion, The Robots, and The Lost Stories.

Jan Paterson, Director of Books and Audio at BBC Studios, said in a press release, “Our partnership with Big Finish has been going for over 20 years. Over this time the team there has created the most extensive range of original Doctor Who audio dramas and readings, working with the original casts. This renewal of our long-term licence secures our partnership to allow Big Finish to create fantastic new adventures for the Doctors and their friends for many more years.”


Jason Haigh-Ellery, Big Finish Chairman and Co-Executive Producer, added, “We are very grateful to the BBC for once again placing their faith in Big Finish and extending our license into another decade – this time up to 2030. This allows us to really plan ahead and create long term story lines and character development not just for the Doctors and the companions but also for new series and elements that we can’t talk about yet! We are excited about the next decade and the adventures we are going to create in the TARDIS for us all to enjoy together.”

Nicholas Briggs, Big Finish Creative Director and Co-Executive Producer said, “This rather lovely licence extension from the BBC for us to continue making Doctor Who audio drama until 2030 takes me past my official retirement date — although I have no plans to retire from anything. I look forward to working with Big Finish’s great creative team and our colleagues at BBC Studios for many years to come!”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Doctor Who audio adventures are available at the Big Finish website. On New Year’s Day, Doctor Who will return to television with its 2022 festive special, titled “Eve of the Daleks.”

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