Disney Fans Respond to New Diverse Santa Claus Being Added to Theme Parks


Disney generated major headlines with the recent announcement that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in California are both debuting black Santa Clauses to greet park guests, for the first time ever. Disney quietly started (forgive the term) integrating the new black Santas into the parks without any formal announcement – for an understandable reason (that it took this long). However, while Disney didn’t ring any holiday bells to signal this milestone change in its policy, Disney parkgoers have done the job for them all too well, by sharing their surprise and delight about Black Santa’s Disney park debut on social media.

Of course, Twitter being Twiter, not everyone is happy and supportive about the change…

I’m So Happy!

Black Santa has arrived at the Disney parks!! This makes me so happy!! ??

— Bello Kevy (@BelloKevy) November 21, 2021

Some fans are simply experiencing unbridled joy at this inclusionary move.


Florida Man?!

Disney had their first black Santa in Orlando, of all places. pic.twitter.com/jOsFezjg4d

— JOSEPH MORA (@JOSEPH_CA213) November 21, 2021

Honestly, Orlando, Florida IS a weird place for a black Santa Claus to hang his hat…



Black Santa Crawl at Disney in two weeks @blacksanta … hit me if you in

— Baron Davis (@BaronDavis) November 25, 2021

With Black Santa now appearing in Disney parks, there’s a whole new demographic of customers who will be looking to make a holiday season appearance there.


Low Repayment Rate

DISNEY: For the first time in its 66 year history Walt Disney theme parks (the company made $69 Billion last year–yes BILLION!) will feature African American Santa Clauses. (How much money have they made over the past SIX DECADES from black people?)… pic.twitter.com/SxobuVQpAU

— Josiah Howard (@JosiahHoward22) November 24, 2021

That’s some pretty stark math when you really look at it…


Opps Is Coming

They’ll sue Disney for having black Santa Clauses.

— wolfkeepr (@wolfkeepr) November 24, 2021

This is sad because it’s probably true. Culture wars never rest. Not anymore.


Nothing New to Me…

Black Santa ?? isn’t new to me but new to the folks @disney https://t.co/4u9PXW2zKY

— Jimmie Johnson Jr. (@itsjimmieontv) November 24, 2021

Some people have made Black Santa Claus a part of their holiday rituals for years now…


Next Day Sales?!

Disney world has a Black Santa Claus greeting them at the entrance. When Macy’s in New York had a Black Santa, many parents brought their kids back to see the non chocolate ? Santa. Maybe this is a marketing ploy by Disney to get people to come back the next day.

— Gordon McClendon???? (@GordonMcClendon) November 22, 2021

This seems… a little paranoid. (Or IS IT?…)


{replyCount}commentsDisney Does Diversity

People complaining about Black Santa in Disneyland would be amazed at Disney’s 1995 Cinderella starring @WhoopiGoldberg & Jason Alexander

— Kian Boyle (@KianBoyle1) November 21, 2021

Give credit where credit’s (been) due. Disney made singer Brandy a live-action black princess back in the ’90s (see: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella). They’ve been trying!


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