Demon Slayer: Why Tengen is the Perfect Follow Up to Rengoku

The Entertainment District Arc has begun in Demon Slayer’s second season, following the traumatic event of the Mugen Train storyline, and with the Flame Hashira Rengoku dying as a result of his battle against the top-tier demon Akaza, it seems that Tanjiro and his friends are set on a new adventure with a new Hashira in Tengen Uzui. Tengen is the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps who definitely appears powerful in his own right but has an extremely different personality from his comrade Rengoku, which makes him the perfect follow-up following his friend’s demise.

When Rengoku was first introduced, he was mostly busy eating delicious foods aboard the Mugen Train in the first movie of the Shonen franchise, while also demonstrating a personality that was quite respectful of those around him. It seemed that the Flame Hashira harbored no hatred in his heart for people around him, but was more than willing to strike down the demons that were also aboard the runaway locomotive. Though Rengoku only knew Tanjiro and his friends for quite a short amount of time, dying against Akaza only a few hours after they were first introduced to one another, the Flame Hashira had a dramatic effect on their lives based on the strength of his character.

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Tengen Uzui is making quite a different impression on Tanjiro and his friends, barging his way into the Demon Slayer Corps’ headquarters and attempting to steal away some of the female residents to help him on a mission. With the Sound Hashira living his life in order to be as flashy as possible, he certainly doesn’t appear to be humble, but Tengen’s personality makes for a stark difference from Rengoku, which will make for quite a shot in the arm and allow Tanjiro and the other members of the Corps to play off him in new ways.

The Entertainment District is already hinting at the major role that Tengen will play, while also showing new villains and placing Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu into a hilarious new mission that will see them going undercover in the new locale.


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