Demon Slayer Just Raised a Big Question About Tanjiro’s Birthmark

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is ready to bring its second season to a close, and it has a few big things left to do. The fates of our heroes are unclear thanks to Gyutaro and his parting gift to everyone. All eyes are on Tanjiro to see how the slayer fairs through it all, but you shouldn’t expect the series to answer one of its teasers for Tanjiro. We’ve still got questions about his mark after this latest fight, you know?

If you are caught up with Demon Slayer season two, you will know why fans are so curious about the boy and his birthmark. Tanjiro has always assumed the fiery mark was something he just inherited. That might be true in part, but its transformation during Tanjiro’s fight with Gyutaro changes that narrative.

My goosebumps not gonna stop when Tanjiro’s head Mark is changing ? . . . .

— Animperk_s (@animperk_s) February 8, 2022

During his battle, Tanjiro had to dig deep and push past his limits when Gyutaro threatened to turn him into a demon. Our hero was able to get a sneaky hit on the demon’s neck, and Tengen joined in the fight eventually. The two-on-one match continued to shed blood before Tanjiro got a killing blow on Gyutaro. The demon’s head was lopped off, but to do so, Tanjiro needed more power. He pushed towards it miraculously enough, and Tanjiro’s birthmark expanded temporarily as he challenged that energy.

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Clearly, Tanjiro’s mark is not a simple birthmark. Even in Demon Slayer, a simple blemish like that couldn’t empower Tanjiro the way it did. Now, anime fans are eager to learn more about the forehead tattoo, but those who have read the manga don’t need to wonder. They’ve already been given a lesson on the Demon Slayer Mark and its connection to Tanjiro’s ultra-rare Sun Breathing.


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