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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Crush and Lobo #7, on sale now from DC Comics.

There are many reasons why Lobo is called the Main Man. He is the biggest, baddest bounty hunter in the DC Universe, he can call Superman his equal and he’s worked for heroes and villains alike. It’s a very good thing he has no strong allegiances either way because, if he really wanted to, he could burn down the DC Universe and nothing could stop him. Well, nothing except, apparently, a lizard?

If that sounds weird, the whole story is even weirder. The Main Man’s daughter finds a very interesting way to take him down in Crush and Lobo #7 by Mariko Tamaki, Amancay Nahuelpan, Tamra Bonvillain, and Ariana Maher. After an exhausting and, occasionally, disgusting chase to take him down, Crush finally gets her neglectful father right where she wants him. Having befriended some “space lizards,” she’s able to get them to surround the Main Man and use their strangely effective secret weapon on him.

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One of these odd iguana-like allies comes out of nowhere and bites Lobo’s arm. According to Crush, it has a tranquilizing venomous bite. These bites usually wouldn’t have a chance at taking down Lobo, thanks to his impenetrable skin. What apparently makes this one so effective though is that none of the “space lizards” ever brush their teeth. This leads to some pretty gnarly space bacteria on their teeth and that’s what manages to get through Lobo’s impenetrable skin, allowing the venom to work.

This seems like a pretty anticlimactic defeat for someone who managed to kill his entire race before he was seventeen. If only the people of Czarnia had thought to employ this same bacterial cocktail that exists in these creatures’ mouths. It’s worth noting, however, that Lobo employed a not too dissimilar method to eradicate his own kind. He engineered a very aggressive airborne species of his own design to attack the Czarnians. This attack was able to bypass their regenerative abilities, which kept them near-immortal and killed them permanently. It’s likely that a similarly mysterious bacteria or virus was needed to make that happen.

In Lobo’s other ongoing series, Superman and Lobo, a clone army of the Main Man were defeated with another single simple weakness. A genetic marker in their DNA made them susceptible to Czarnia’s acid rain and that was able to bypass their regenerative abilities too. This marker was built-in from the start, though, otherwise, they would have been unstoppable. Unless all of these lizard people bit them, apparently.

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This isn’t to say that Lobo is weak; quite the opposite in fact. His strength is even on the same level as SupermanDC First: Superman/Lobo #1 saw him go toe to toe with the Man of Steel for the first time and both were impressed to find that their strengths were on an equal footing. In one adventure, the Main Man went up against a Superman possessed by the demon Eclipso. This meant the hero didn’t hold back like he usually would and still the fearsome bounty hunter was a match for him — though he was battered like never before.

So his strength is equal to Superman but he doesn’t have his own kryptonite, except for, apparently, certain lizard-born space bacteria. However, another thing he has against the Man of Steel is immortality, a feat which isn’t thanks to his regenerative abilities, but because neither Heaven nor Hell wants responsibility for him. The former because he beat up all the gods and the latter because he enjoyed the torture.

Despite all this, he now has this incredibly simple weakness. It’s probably a good thing, though, for the universe’s sake, but it does somewhat damage his fearsome reputation as the Main Man. It could be worse though. It could be New 52 Lobo.

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