Daredevil’s Most Dangerous Relationship Is Not Kingpin and Matt Murdock


WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Devils Reign #1, available now from Marvel.

Daredevil has been a thorn in the side of Wilson Fisk for decades, although it has only been recently that their feud spilled over into every corner of New York City. While the former Kingpin’s war on superheroes is poised to tear the city apart, the battle he is fighting is far from the most dangerous threat to the city. Fisk might be the mayor now, but his old moniker is still very much in the family. The current Kingpin’s relationship with Matt’s twin, Michael Murdock, has some frightening consequences.

Losing the secret identity of Daredevil to some unseen force has driven Wilson Fisk to wage all out war on every costumed hero in NYC. While his paramilitary Thunderbolt Units roam the streets on the lookout for masked vigilantes, Fisk takes a moment to stop by the offices of the current Kingpin to address the situation. Unfortunately, Butch Pharris isn’t nearly as interested in his father’s plans. It turns out that Butch doesn’t think much of his father’s new anti-superhero actions, nor of his history with them. As far as Butch can tell, all Wilson is doing is bringing his own downfall upon himself, even if Butch’s secret confidant and he both agree that ridding the city of its heroes will make life a whole lot easier for them going forward.

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First introduced in 2018’s Daredevil #606 by Charles Soule and Phil Noto, Michael Murdock is the twin brother that Daredevil never should have had. Early in his career, Matt would pose as his own fictitious twin brother when the situation called for it, even going so far as to fake the nonexistent man’s death once the ruse became problematic. When Daredevil called upon the Inhuman Reader for help in taking down the former Kingpin, the Reader’s abilities to manifest the written word ended up bringing the Michael persona to life.

Michael has proven himself to be about as far from his brother as possible. Though he did pose as Matt during Daredevil’s trial for murder, allowing his brother’s secret identity to remain hidden, he has also immersed himself in Butch’s underworld. Not only that, but he has become instrumental in helping the new Kingpin expand his criminal empire and maintain his stranglehold over the city, all of which currently hinges on Wilson Fisk being reelected as mayor. Of course, the fact that Fisk is preoccupied with waging war against the city’s heroes is beneficial  to Mike and Butch’s dangerous ambitions.

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Mike may have espoused his distaste for killing but Butch has already crossed that line without hesitation. The fact that his old friend has begun ending the lives of his opponents is certainly unsettling to Mike, yet it hasn’t driven him away from their relationship yet, implying that he might not be as disturbed by the goings on of the Kingpin as he would like others to believe. It is hard to imagine that any Kingpin could be worse than the original. However, Butch’s impulsivity coupled with the major moves he is making in the underworld are a recipe for disaster. And Mike’s enabling him from the shadows isn’t making things any better.

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