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STOP!!!  Don’t go just yet.  I know I’ve shown you this Batman figure (by Marx) before, but this time, something’s different.  Before I get to that, just a quick recap.  When I first bought this (replacement) figure more than a quarter of a century ago, the cape was frayed, and the Bat-a-rang and utility belt were missing (along with the Bat emblem).  I used the original cape as a template to make a new one out of non-fraying felt, created a Bat-a-rang from Perspex, and crafted a utility belt, again using felt.  I printed the symbol from a picture of the one used on Adam West’s costume and as you can see below, the result was pretty good.  Obviously I’d have preferred all the original components, but believe me, unless it’s unopened and unplayed with, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find this classic toy in any condition, never mind a complete version.  (And it’d cost you a small fortune if you did.)

Bats looks a little brighter here as photo was taken in daylight
Guess what though?  Someone on ebay is selling repros of the utility belt from the Mego 8″ figure, so I took a chance and bought one.  It’s different from the Marx belt in that it closes at the back and not the front, and the detail isn’t quite the same.  It’s also too short to fit around the waist of the Marx figure, but I sorted that by using a bit of felt to extend the length and now it’s a perfect fit.  What I’d like to know though, is which one you Crivvies prefer.  The felt belt has been in use for more than 25 years, but the plasticky/rubbery belt perhaps looks as though it belongs more with the figure.

So help me out guys.  Look at the photos and tell me which of the two belts looks more at home on Batman (who looks for all the world like a Gerry Anderson puppet) – the handmade felt belt or the other ‘real’ one.  Your opinions will be carefully considered and help me come to a final decision as to which belt Bats gets to wear full-time.  Kindly register your vote now if you’d all be so good.  (No prizes unfortunately, just the joy of taking part.)

I think there’s a layer of dust on Bats in the first pic, hence the grey looking grubbier

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