Critical Role Drops Big Backstory Reveals for Two Characters

Critical Role has provided some surprising bits of backstory lore on two Bell’s Hells members. Last week, Critical Role celebrated its seventh anniversary with a new episode that aired both on Critical Role’s usual channels and select Cinemark theaters. While the episode served to continue the tale of the fledgling Bell’s Hells adventuring group, the most surprising reveal involved the backstories of two of its characters. Be warned, as spoilers for Critical Role’s Campaign 3, Episode 17 follows.

The first major reveal involves Laudna, the Hollow One warlock/sorcerer played by Marisha Ray. Laudna was previously revealed to be a resident of Whitestone whose family was killed during the Briarwood’s takeover of that city prior to the start of Campaign 1. However, in last week’s episode, Laudna revealed that she was one of the Whitestone residents who the Briarwoods killed and hung from the Sun Tree as a warning to Vox Machina. Laudna specifically noted that she had her ears cut to make them resemble points, which likely means that she was dressed as either Keyleth (Ray’s character from the first campaign) or Vex’ahlia.

The other major reveal involved Orym, the halfling fighter played by Liam O’Brien. In previous episodes, Orym revealed that he was an Air Ashari, and that he had embarked on his current mission at the behest of Vox Machina member Keyleth, who was the leader of the Air Ashari. We knew previously that Keyleth was the target of a failed assassination target, but Orym revealed in last week’s episodes that his husband Will died protecting Keyleth during the attack. Orym’s twin moon tattoo on his shoulder is in remembrance of his relationship with Will, as Will was the “big moon” and Orym was the “little moon.” Interestingly, O’Brien previously played a half-elf fighter named Derrig during the Dalen’s Closet one-shot who also served as Keyleth’s bodyguard. Derrig’s son was also named Will, so it’s possible that Orym has more direct ties to another of O’Brien’s characters.

While Bell’s Hells are still exploring Marquet, there definitely seems to be growing connections between the group and the first campaign. We’ll have to see how these ties pay off in upcoming episodes of Critical Role, which air every Thursday at 7 PM PT on Twitch.


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