Could Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly Actually Stay With WWE?

Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly both seemingly said goodbye to the WWE this week during Tuesday’s episode of NXT. Both were beaten down by newer stars at some point during the night (Grayson Waller and Von Wagner, respectively), and both bid farewell to the crowd in an emotional scene once the show was over. The pair’s contracts with the WWE are reportedly up this week, and many fans have already started guessing about which company they’ll jump to next. But the case, at least according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, isn’t as open-and-shut as people might think.

“I was told, ok, both of their contracts are up or will be up in a couple of days and neither has signed,” Meltzer said on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t “The feeling from what I was told from people in NXT is that they believe that they are going to be back. That these are angles to get them away. Both are having children early next year. Gargano talked about it. O’Reilly is the same situation and the feeling is that the angles were to injure them and take them out for a while and then they would come back.”

But Meltzer also pointed out WWE had a similar stance on Bryan Danielson, who now finds himself in an AEW World Championship match at next week’s Winter is Coming event — “The thing is on that is Bryan Danielson was the same way, if you remember. If that’s the case, do you let your contract just expire? If that was the case, then why don’t you just sign a new contract? So I don’t know exactly what the deal is. I know that in one of the cases, one of those people was very much considering AEW but had not made that choice. WWE, they didn’t do that [angle] for Johnny Gargano to have him show up next week in AEW.”

Both Gargano and O’Reilly took to Twitter on Wednesday to reflect on the night before. Gargano will go down as one of the most decorated wrestlers in the brand’s history as its first Triple Crown Champion, while O’Reilly holds the record for most reigns as NXT Tag Team Champion while a member of The Undisputed Era.

“Even after last night.. I still can’t put EVERYTHING I’d like to say into words right now. Just know that I appreciate all of you more than I can ever really express. Hope I made ya proud,” Gargano tweeted.


“Truly overwhelmed by all the love and heartfelt messages,” O’Reilly wrote. “By no means does this mean goodbye… just smell ya later.”

Photo: Twitter/@JohnnyGargano

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