Comic Geek Speak Presents: Comic Timing 207 – Korg Walked So Ben Grimm Could Run
While the Geeks take a week to regroup and rest during this busy holiday season, we present the latest episode of Comic Timing! This episode Ian and Brent are joined by Raph Soohoo, Donovan Morgan Grant, Brandon Christopher, Kris Naudus and Jamal Igle to go over what’s new in the world of comic book fandom over the past few months. This includes a deconstruction on Substack and Comixology Unlimited and what they mean to the comic book publishing industry, Raph’s passionate review and thoughts on Shang-Chi and what it means to him as an American Born Chinese man, What Eternals may mean for Marvel’s cinematic future, how frustrating modern press can be when it comes to spoilers, Fandome discussion including The Flash, The Batman, Young Justice and Blue Beetle, Brent hates on Ava Duvernay and also discusses Ben Reilly Spider-Man, and Once and Future, Ian explains how awesome X-Men Legends is, Jamal goes into Cliff Chang’s Catwoman: Lonely City, Donovan loves Bat books, Raph adores Superman ’78 and has thoughts on Clark handing his mantle over to Jonathan, Brandon praises X-Men, Kris rolls her D20 on Keith Ammann’s Live to Tell the Tale, and much much more. (2:59:46)

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