Cody Rhodes Comments on Flaming Table Spot From AEW Dynamite

Last night’s AEW Dynamite featured Cody Rhodes taking on Andrade El Idolo in an Atlanta Street Fight, and while things started off with basic punches, kicks, and an upgrade to a big jump off the barricade, the level of physicality and risk rose speedily from there. By the end of the match, Brandi Rhodes was lighting a table on fire and Cody had El Idolo primed to take a big bump through it, and while that was what ended up happening, El Idolo didn’t eat all of the table. It was actually Cody who ended up getting the worst of that move, as his back hit squarely on the flames and through the table, and now Cody has addressed the flaming table spot and the medical care he received afterward.

Cody posted several photos from the match on Instagram, including some from before the match and some from after, and boy did those photos from after look painful. The good news is he received great medical care after the match, which he talked about in his post.

Cody wrote “Yesterday – Today (thank you so much to @allelitewrestling and @gassouthdistrict for such a wonderful show and thunderous crowd. Thank you Doc Sampson/team medical for taking the best care of me) – @tpain @thebrandirhodes @allelitewrestling @aewontnt ? @havlik_photo Lee South @dakotarunnels22”

After hitting the lit table with his back, Cody quickly rolled to the side. He was able to pin El Idolo and get the victory with Brandi’s help, and he was also bleeding from his head by the end of the match. In the photos that AEW posted on social media, you can see how red certain areas of Cody’s back are, and while some of that might have been there before, it looks even more irritated now.

You also saw where some of the charred material from the table was on his back, and there were also welts and marks that are pretty typical of any match in the squared circle. We’re glad that Cody is feeling better, as even for someone trained in taking big bumps and dealing with things like flaming tables, there’s no way something like that doesn’t still hurt or carry with it some pain.


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