Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer Released by Netflix

Karate has returned to the Valley. The fourth season of Netflix‘s acclaimed Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai, is set to debut on the service at the end of the month, closing out 2021 in action-packed fashion. Fans have been waiting to see what the beloved series has in store and, fortunately, the wait for the first Cobra Kai Season 4 footage is finally over. Early Thursday morning, Netflix unveiled the first trailer for Cobra Kai’s latest season.

The third season of Cobra Kai, released almost a year ago, came to a close with Daniel and Johnny finally putting their differences aside and teaming up to take down Kreese. This debut Season 4 trailer shows just how well (or not so well) that partnership is going. Take a look!

“You’ve seen Johnny and Daniel interact for a few seasons now and a movie wave way, way, way back when, and you’ve seen glimpses of them being able to get along and be on the same page and you’ve seen them throw fists on a dime,” co-creator Jon Hurwitz told “So anything is possible with the two of them together. They’re united against the common enemy right now. And their intentions are all positive with what they want to do, but let’s see what it’s like for these two guys working together with the same goal, with their different approaches. Can they join forces in a way that is going to be productive and smooth sailing, or will there be bumps in the road? And that’s what people are going to have to look forward to during season four.”

Here’s the official synopsis for Cobra Kai Season 4:

“Season 4 finds the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos joining forces to take down Cobra Kai at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament… and whoever loses must hang up their gi. As Samantha and Miguel try to maintain the dojo alliance and Robby goes all in at Cobra Kai, the fate of the Valley has never been more precarious. What tricks does Kreese have up his sleeve? Can Daniel and Johnny bury their decades-long hatchet to defeat Kreese? Or will Cobra Kai become the face of karate in the valley?”


Are you excited for the arrival of Cobra Kai Season 4? What did you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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