Chris Pine Told Guy Who Confused Him for Joey Lawrence That He Was Actually Chris Evans, Captain America

Chris Pine had to navigate an awkward situation when a (fan?) mistook him for musician Joey Lawrence. So how did the Wonder Woman and Star Trek movie star handle it? By informing the person that he was not Joey Lawrence, but was in fact Chris Evans – better known to the world as Marvel’s Captain America! It’s a hilarious little anecdote – especially when taken in the context of people’s continued obsession with multiple famous movie stars named “Chris” currently working in the business.

Chris Pine was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new film The Contractor and the pair got to talking about why it’s sometimes preferable as a celebrity to stay home, rather than hitting the party circuit. Pine agreed and shared the following story of mistaken identity:

“Well I was at one [a party] and then I was about to go, and this guy stopped me and he’s like, ‘I know you…’ and I was like, ‘God… this again. And he’s like: ‘Joey Lawrence.’ And I said, ‘Not quite, but thank you, I’ll try and remember that for the rest of my life.’… He’s like ‘Come on man, tell me: who are you? Who are you?’ And I was like [extends handshake], ‘Chris Evans, Captain America.’ And just to top it all off he goes ‘That’s my man!’ [Laughs].”

Pine went on to share a list of actors he has commonly been mistaken for, including Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, and Matt Damon – the latter riling Kimmel with faux disgust over his faux rival ever being associated with Chris Pine. Now Pine can add Joey Lawrence to his list.

chris-pine-told-man-not-joey-lawrence-chris-evans-captain-america.jpg(Photo: Icon Films)

Indeed, rating the Chris actors (Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt) has become an Internet game all its own – so it’s surprising that this guy didn’t recognize the Chris in front of him. Then again, based on the finer points of nuance in Pine’s description of the guy who approached him, it sounds like just the sort of ‘Party Bro’ that not only wouldn’t have recognized the actor but had no self-awareness or shame in totally accosting him for being the completely wrong person. Like, not even close. We almost feel embarrassed for anyone who was around that guy and totally understood the faux pas he was making with one of the most handsome movie stars in the world.


The Contractor is out this Friday.

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