Chocolate Orange Mayo Being Released by Heinz

Within the past few years, Heinz has been increasingly experimental with its offering on the shelves at grocery stores. You may have seen the company’s “mayochup,” a ketchup-mayonnaise hybrid already mixed together in one bottle–or perhaps its “kranch,” a similar mixture with ketchup and ranch dressing. There are even things like hanch (hot sauce/ranch), honeyracha (honey/sriracha), wasabioli (wasabi/aioli), and tarchup (tartar/ketchup). Now…now, Heinz is just going way out of the ballpark for its latest offering.

Wednesday, the company announced plans to roll out a chocolate and orange-flavored mayonnaise to the masses. Joining forces with Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Heinz is giving away a select few jars to those interested. The only catch–outside of having to eat chocolately orange mayo, of course–is that the contest is open to only those in the United Kingdom.

‘At Terry’s we are proud to offer a large variety of formats and flavours to be eaten all-year round when it comes to our delicious chocolate orange: from the iconic orange ball that we all know and love, to our sharing bags and handy bars to eat on the go… and now Heinz [Seriously] Good Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayo!” Terry’s marketing chief Laure Gentil said in a statement.

They added, “We always say that you can never get bored with Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and our new collaboration with Heinz epitomises this. Since Terry’s Chocolate Orange launch in 1932 we have never stopped innovating, growing, and launching new formats and flavours to delight our loyal fans, and we are proud to be continuing this Christmas with our mayo mash up, which works perfectly as a delicious spread.’

200 residents of the United Kingdom aged 16 and older will be randomly selected by the company for a free jar of the new offering. People have until December 13th to enter.


“Two of the nation’s festive feasting must-haves have come together for a world’s first and the absolute ultimate in Yuletide pairings: Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise and the unmistakable flavour of milk chocolate and real orange oil from Terry’s Chocolate Orange, all wrapped up and ready to delight your tastebuds this Christmas,” the Heinz UK website reads.

Full contest details and more information can be found on the Heinz website here.

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